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  1. Wouldn't be a Wildcard DLC without a delay!
  2. One option is that the final boss fight is going to be a multistage boss fight like the one on aberration. You'll have the tentacles which won't be optional to kill but instead just be annoying. The creature with eyes will be the creature you'll have to kill in order to progress to the next part of the fight. Then there's the other option which will be either a normal enemy you can encounter as a mini-boss or they will be enemies in a cave like bodyguards. Them being part of the multi-stage boss fight makes sense but like Hippo said "There were more than one" which makes me think
  3. I do think it makes more sense that he isn't scared of us but when I thought my theory the only thing that made sense to me was that he is scared of us. Unless instead of him putting us on the colony ship, it was Helena. It does make more sense to me thinking about it as she does put us into the Genesis Simulation so we could prepare for whats to come. To explain better and revamp my theory, based off what you said about Rockwell not being scared of us, I now think it was Helena. Helena put us into the Genesis Simulation to prepare us for whats to come and the place we are taking the Gene
  4. I'm new to this so please tell if doing this right and if the post should be in a different topic please tell me and how to fix it. Also this theory is more of prediction theory as Genesis Part 2 has not released yet. My theory is on how the survivor got put on the colony ship. While the player is a sleep during the genesis simulation, Rockwell had the time to take control over Arat prime (or something like it) and launch the colony ship with him on it, the colony ship which was meant to be used if everything thing else failed (the Arks cleansing the earth from element). The reason for th
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