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  1. very odd. I have given it a whirl flickering the disable survivor, etc setting (disabled it then re enabled it). Loaded back in at the obi and it was still telling me transfer. Not sure what else to do. We were just about to go to the island and do the bosses ; /
  2. Hi guys. Running a Player Dedicated Server on Win10 version of ARK (804.11) and playing on Win10. Because we cannot run clusters on Win10 you have to upload your survivor data if you wish to go to other maps (island, CI, SE, etc). I have uploaded character data before and gone to other maps but as of yesterday there is no longer an option to upload survivor data at the OB or at loot drops. The only option that remains is "travel to another server" which is kinda of a sick joke (as we cannot host other maps and obviously there is nothing else in the cluster of a player ded. ark. ANYWAY...
  3. Playing on win10. I host a player dedicated server. Text in all forms is broken and causes the app to lock up and resume after 20 seconds. The text input does not actually occur. Noticed bug as of 7pm EST 12/2/20. Had no issues at all last night (12/1/20)
  4. Playing on windows 10 version of ARK (v804.3). I host a player dedicated server. As of last night everything was functioning as expected. As of just 7pm EST i've discovered that text in all forms is broken. The title says it all pretty much; cannot search inventory to filter items, type in chat, name dinos, etc. Anything involving text entry causes the game to lock up HARD for about 20 seconds. When the game resumes it is seen that no text had been entered.
  5. As a mod you should be aware that this thread was aimed at the previously reported 30 minute host timeouts. In WC's eyes the issue is fixed. The issue was resolved for me and my group of friends as of the Turkey Trials patch. But clearly the issue is still largely at large. I was suggesting you guys need to go and submit new bug reports to bring awareness that there is now a NEW issue with the same exact symptoms affecting a different community. I get what you're saying but the truth of the matter is that WC support really gives no Fks. 30 minute host timeouts plagued us for an entire mo
  6. This thread was meant to address the 30 minute DC's on xbox/Win10. Which in my experience the Turkey Trials patch fixed for me and my friends (playing player dedicated). What is said at the top of this thread is meant for the previous issue of the same attributes. I would suggest to all of you experiencing this that you submit multiple bug reports. WC did not address the issue for 1 month for us so dont hold your breath.
  7. Saw reports of this so I wanted to visit the forum and see what you guys had to say. on Xbox/win10 version of ark WC introduced the same bug with the deployment of the Fear Evolved 4 patch and then corrected the 30 minute disconnects with the turkey trials patch just last week. my point is: WC was completely unaware of the problem for just under a month (and we had to wait a whole month before it was fixed). 1 whole month of being disconnected every half hour like clock work. Basically made the game unplayable. We just did breeding and gathering and simple villaging stuff.
  8. The waters are muddy. To clarify; at the time of me posting hat fix WC has said it aimed to address the 30 minute host/timeouts via twitter. I dont know if they were actually just unaware of the 30 minute host timeouts or what but it became clear later that this fix was not aimed to fix the 30 minute host timeouts. Going even farther back, it was implied that the fix which broke structure placement was intended to fix the 30 minute host timeouts as well.
  9. This was posted prior the WC even acknowledging the 30 minute host/timeout error. Check the time stamps boi
  10. I'm thrilled to learn that this is being resolved and a fix is in progress. But i need to raise the question of what could have gone smoother here? Could we (the community) have communicated the issue better to WC? I know myself and many other people had exhausted all known channels of communication, twitter, facebook, the forums, the ticket request's. Again great to hear it's being worked on but this issue has been ongoing since October 26th. October 26th was the start of Fear Evolved 4 for win10 and xbox and we barely and i mean BARELY got to experience it. Aside from peop
  11. Thank you for letting us know!! you're the first person i've seen respond to any of us thank you! I was able to reproduce the timeout on nitrado server a few weeks ago. i rented one to test.
  12. Can win10/xbox players please get an update on the 30 minute host timeout disconnects from the server? Every half hour like clockwork since the deployment of the Fear Evolved 4 event (8/26/20). Saw that you guys deployed a server side patch but thousands of us on unofficial and player dedicated are still having this problem. Very sad and disappointing and i think I speak for all of us when i say we're feeling neglected :( :( :(
  13. Leave it up to WC to test this deployment on the official network LOL. I host an unofficial so rip to not having a fix but also yay to not being a guinea pig. All things aside hopefully we unofficial folks and player dedicated folks get this patch ASAP. It's been too damn long with this issue. Thanks for the post!
  14. "Iterating on a fix for a win10 'timeout' that seems to be related to a 30 minute timer" !!!!! we've been acknowledged bois
  15. I have not seen any acknowledgement of this issue regarding the devs. We basically couldnt play during fear evolved - it's not safe to do risky things; especially when the game does not let you right back in. For those stuck, i found that if you "rejoin the last session" you will almost always reconnect immediately. With the devs turning a total blind eye to us regarding this issue this is the only form of remedy i have found that seems to be okay. Crazy that we've had this issue for more than 2 weeks now and absolutely nothing from WC. I have a Nitrado server and i hos
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