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  1. I hope you don't mind, but since you suggested it, I am going to add the content that I had prepared, since it is a single post per creature. Let's see if you like some of my ideas and add them
  2. I see that it has electrical abilities, like a ROC mythological bird in which I was inspired to suggest this creature
  3. This great wrinkle evolved to live underground, since it never has its metamorphosis like the others, in addition to increasing to a considerable size, capable of transporting up to four survivors. This creature is able to climb walls and ceilings, it can camouflage itself with the environment so as not to be detected, it can expel pheromones like the Pachyrhinosaurus, which makes up for the lack of this creature in this ark. Even so, it is capable of throwing acid that burns and slows down enemies. They call it a dragon caterpillar for a reason, it's not just because of the shape of its head. She is capable of radiating light, which helps protect her from the dangers of the darkness. These caterpillars are found near areas with more radiation, such as lakes, and have the special ability to emanate radiation, when ordered, this helps increase the chances of mutation in the offspring. but beware you will need a suit to avoid damage when this ability is active. despite being a caterpillar, it is not as slow as you would think, of course it is not as fast (reference image, I do not own the rights)
  4. I also thought about proposing this creature, but I was thinking more of an amphibious mount. In addition, due to its large amount of radiation, since it is found in elemental lakes, it would have the ability to increase the chances of mutation in the offspring, it would be the size of a wolf, more or less, and when its ability to emanate radiation is activated, an anti-radioactive suit or a tek suit is needed. It's a good idea, I think it would fit perfectly in aberration
  5. The ability to transport creatures that are asleep (taming) could be added for their transfer and protection, and even corpses to tame another type of creature
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