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  1. doubt they gonna roll back, lost inventory is easier to deal with then tons of ppl losing their chars in rollbacks.
  2. looking for days now too, no beehives.
  3. "Cupid Couture Bottom" is that the skirt skin? waiting for it for a whole lot of time now lol
  4. they respawn the same, hives stacked in each other most of them without queen. cant say they changed anything to the better tbh
  5. not on ragnarok but on center i was looking for bees few days ago because my bees just disappeared for no reason, i found still alot of empty hives i had to destroy so new ones with beequeen spawn, what ever that patch didt it didnt fix beehive in beehive spawn and empty ones..
  6. lets hope they are elbow deep into gen2 and we can hope for some interesting stuff comming with/after its launch because the last 2 crunches are kinda
  7. didt expect a bit more of a crunch after the long time without one, i see you guys later for the valentines event
  8. trailer looks to me too like some singleplayer story game. iam usually the one who ditches the onlinegame part and only playes singleplayer, but with ark its the exact opposite, i really hope iam wrong and we all have a grand time in ark 2
  9. just for the slowthinkers like me: this event will take place 2 times 12am and 12pm?
  10. just in case ark 2 is anything like the game we all play right now: please dont wait for the last dlc to introduce grindreducing stuff like crypods and nanny dinos. we all love the grind..to a point lol.
  11. on legacy pve calling them out worked well, once in a while you got some sausages griefing but usually it worked, now its a bit different, i only go for them at night when most ppl sleep because i get pissed off otherwise ;D dont play pve for getting my puls running about some ppl not playing nice.
  12. i noticed that too and thought its a odd choice, but then on the other hand i have no idea about pvp balance and honestly dont care, i can live with 1x taming.
  13. iam excited for ark 2, sadly, because iam affraid of what is comming over us i love ark, but i am all in for doing it again but this time right, and i hope thats what they aiming for. the trailer..meh, i got 13k h pve and the trailer doesnt speak to me at all, besides the rex and the new flappy ptera i want to tame and breed the poop out. you got it wc? tame and breed - a bit of mixed in story (but not in your face) building bases, finding friends to so share and work together with, exproring and fighting the wilds, thats ark for me and the reason i play it for so god da
  14. iam lowkey excited about the "big game award news", i just hope its not another ark clone
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