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  1. yea hope you not just caped the playercount, how about putting up enough servers so everybody who payed for it actually can play the dlc at release.
  2. our center server (348) went down for a whole day 2 or 3 days ago, i guess it got switched to better hardware and came online again with a different ip, we played on it for 2 days, now the old center sever came online again too... ppl are confused and nobody really wants to play in fear their progression gets wiped. i hope you guys switch the old high ping server off for good soon, but with a ingame warning so ppl dont lose their char on top off their time
  3. you can do all that, or you use one giga. some crypodet ones in case the one you on gets low, happy osding.
  4. yes on center too still no hives spawning, but hey, ppl selling them now for tons of tek structures
  5. i will try the wyvern next time, i got a owl with me and tried to freeze it to the surface but without luck
  6. title says all to know, every 4..5 osd i do a invisible/digged in reaper sitting next to my osd grinding away its hp with me unable to get it to undig/kill it. frustration esp if you 10+ rounds in.
  7. i think we play on the same extinction server, veridian, outside the city in the wasteland on top of that iam sorry to hear that, i stoped getting online for more then resetting timers/cloning a gacha for months now because of the griefing issue, as soon as i log in doesnt matter if its only 5 minutes i got visitors around my base trying to pull something. doing osd isnt worth it because the server run so bad that i usually get kicked off before i manage finnishing it or if iam able finishing it someone comes in and whips all my loot and raptors off. used to love playing on ex, but yea
  8. doubt they gonna roll back, lost inventory is easier to deal with then tons of ppl losing their chars in rollbacks.
  9. looking for days now too, no beehives.
  10. "Cupid Couture Bottom" is that the skirt skin? waiting for it for a whole lot of time now lol
  11. they respawn the same, hives stacked in each other most of them without queen. cant say they changed anything to the better tbh
  12. not on ragnarok but on center i was looking for bees few days ago because my bees just disappeared for no reason, i found still alot of empty hives i had to destroy so new ones with beequeen spawn, what ever that patch didt it didnt fix beehive in beehive spawn and empty ones..
  13. lets hope they are elbow deep into gen2 and we can hope for some interesting stuff comming with/after its launch because the last 2 crunches are kinda
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