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  1. This is getting a bit ridiculous. All of my Rex's melee damage was between 6600 and 9800 melee damage, now, its all set to between 500-700 damage. What the heck is going on? I just hatched a brand new rex, leveled it up, cryopodded it, tossed it out, melee reset. Rex's are broken. DILO @GrumpyBearEdit since I can't post due to post limit: We have 30 allo's all over level 1100 as well as gigas all over level 1000 and their damage is not resetting. I will add that we have used mutagen on the rex's and everything else, but only the Rex's are being affected. Currently hatched new rex's
  2. for some reason it just includes genesis part 1 for him. It's on the Xbox Series X. Edit: He's gone to Manage Game and Add-ons but it does not show Gen 2 at all. @EdiVenture
  3. Buddy of mine bought the Ultimate survivor edition, which has a Shadowmane on the artwork, but...no genesis part 2. Was this intended? IF so, pretty misleading.
  4. Anyone have this issue? In MOTD and even in Broadcast, the link and anything after "https:" will not post. It's like it's being blocked out. Also, nobody is able to use text chat. At all.
  5. If I remove the federation tek armor that you spawn with, and I try to re-equip it, it consumes the piece instead and it disappears. Can't even drag it over to my armor slots. Really?
  6. Clearly this game is nowhere near stable.
  7. Finished 2 rounds of gamma survive the ark. went to exit mission and server crashes. what a complete waste of time.
  8. Now, on Genesis Part 2, while riding a Rex, I was dealing 9k damage then somehow it dropped to 800 damage. DILO Wildcard?
  9. according to some sources, gen 2 might not be out until 930 pm cst for pc and 230am for consoles. They suck at release dates and times.
  10. Apparently, for whatever reason, on my unofficial Nitrado server, some of the dino's that we have tamed, hatched, and/or imprinted, have all had their melee damage stats reset to their post tame or post hatch levels. Meaning a level 1158 female tek rex that had 10k melee, was reset to 716% melee. All our rex's have had this happened, even regular rex's. This has been a persistent problem over the past year. Anyone know why this happens? I usually see it more when a ridiculous level dino is spawned, say a level 150000. Overnight, the damage gets reset from its leveled up stats back down to its
  11. Hello all, I am the owner and admin of the server Vampa. Yes it's Broly's homeworld in Super, so bonus points if you know that! Vampa is currently just a Crystal Isles PVP server. We are looking to expand to other Arks, but until player levels rise, I won't do that. Currently, server stats are as such: 100x tame and harvesting, 50x maturation. Dinos are BOOSTED. Players are moderately-highly boosted. I have tried coding drops, but it is still a work in progress atm, however many items that do not normally stack, do stack. For items that do stack, item stack size is at 100x. Yo
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