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  1. Yea, this happens to me sometimes and the game crashes and I die and I cant get my stuff back... I play PS4, Also PS4 needs more love WC
  2. Yes.. I believe Lots of fans will want these plushies and you guys (WC)will make a great amount of mula with selling the awesome plushies. Win/Win situation
  3. YES, THe music is spot on... I LOVE IT THXS WC Also i never expected at the end of a music video to be yelled at and threatened by Rockwell 10/10
  4. WC, can we get a launch trailer for Genesis part 2 soon...?
  5. when can we have Gen 2 news cause i'm excited for that?
  6. hmm... when Genesis 2 helmet out and when more Gen 2 news?
  7. i feel kinda jealous that i made a art piece a couple weeks ago but did not get on the community forums(i'm not tryin to be mean, just it took my around 6 hours , any feedback?) WHY DO I FEEL LIKE IM DOING SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE POST
  8. does anyone know how to submit a picture on the community crunch?
  9. BTW, how are you able to get a picture you made on the community crunch cause i made an Ark picture and i wonder if i'm able on here or somehow send it WC or something... Does anyone know how?
  10. BTW where da next Community crunch, PLS someone tell me when out.
  11. BTW, WC; could PS4 pls get that slider where you can move the thresh hold for single player and such because xbox has it but PS4 does not and that is not fair. so can U guys PLS change it so we have it.
  12. thought that this had to do with Genesis part 2 but, alas; not yet. but we get Love evolved 2!!
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