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  1. yea, but you could lose your character through transfer and I have a PS4( so its more risky[I think, I haven't tried it in a while; besides, what is the use of HLNA selling stuff from other ARKs when you cant use them].). Just my opinion, and something Id like to see it happening.
  2. Make it so you can unlock ALL Engrams on Genesis part 1 and 2 but only unlock ALL Tek engrams on Genesis part 2
  3. I want to access events in the past like Fear Evolved but cant since I missed the whole entire event but I want to play on my PS4, I there is an Activate event thing in Advanced settings but I want to know how to use it so I can play events that I never played before. So if anyone knows how this works or something, I want to know (Thanks to whoever can answer my question).
  4. are we going to have a Turkey trial 4 or something? I want a Turkey trial cause i never played it and missed Fear Evolved 4
  5. are all creatures from all DLCs(including the island) going to be on Genesis: part 2, just wondering.
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