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  1. does anyone know how to submit a picture on the community crunch?
  2. BTW, how are you able to get a picture you made on the community crunch cause i made an Ark picture and i wonder if i'm able on here or somehow send it WC or something... Does anyone know how?
  3. BTW where da next Community crunch, PLS someone tell me when out.
  4. BTW, WC; could PS4 pls get that slider where you can move the thresh hold for single player and such because xbox has it but PS4 does not and that is not fair. so can U guys PLS change it so we have it.
  5. thought that this had to do with Genesis part 2 but, alas; not yet. but we get Love evolved 2!!
  6. WHAT, WHY, that is just selfish of WC cause i play on PS4
  7. Yes but actually no, should but probably shouldn't
  8. If you guys are so desperate to have 2x or whatever, go into settings and change the stats. And don't get mad at WC for not adding an Evo event because they are working on LOVE Evolved(probably), Genesis part 2 and ARK 2. They got enough stuff on they plate and its cool to see them be able to do this; so just go to settings and change the stats so you don't have to complain about it.
  9. it is stupid that there is NO ASCENSION ON SCORCHED EARTH. without it its basically incomplete.
  10. these pics are nice though I thought that we were going to have a community crunch about Genesis part 2
  11. the dang thing sounds awesome but what servers is this gonna be on and is single player counting?
  12. I was very excited for the Ark animation, but I don't like that Helena will be gay( yes I know about Diana and Mei Yin).
  13. yea, but you could lose your character through transfer and I have a PS4( so its more risky[I think, I haven't tried it in a while; besides, what is the use of HLNA selling stuff from other ARKs when you cant use them].). Just my opinion, and something Id like to see it happening.
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