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  1. Maxplanck58 if you need help grinding out something or breeding pm me .
  2. I understand were your coming from on your response but disagree w your assesment as follows, Freedom and Choice, alot dont play like you and I , 'accomplish , achieve then superior standing.. Is very honorable.. Yet most find the bug and use it till they can find an atvantage , via duping, lagg, force dc then impliment for atvantage. Pvp or Pve then the player you and i work for it and Wait for patch or work around it. Theres no perfect product because theres no platform that restricts at the user the method of play. As you said, " filling out complete, descriptive and polite tickets" when so
  3. Read this before you fill out a ticket or comment negative anywere. I've been playing Ark since day one when crop plots could be placed on Behe gates and Carbon was only mineable on the north side of the volcano, center had no redwoods either. Yeah Day one im currently at a stage w all engrams tek and able to produce 3900 dino eggs/babies a day and give avay bases w over 23,000 structures in 1 building and reproduce products in hrs. I DIDN'T GET HERE ALONE ! I helped my fellow playe rwhen he lost conection due to bad wifi i pulled him/her to a safe spot put food in his inventory if he was l
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