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  1. Is this after the 9GB update released today? I was having some issues with Gen but the update today fixed those issues.
  2. Yeah when you select it on the hotbar it classes as trying to place the structure hence the crash. Same issue, we dont get the outline in green it just instant crash as soon as we try to place it. Sad thing is, if its got to go through cert, we could be looking at Tuesday or Wednesday before a patch as Certs dont go through on Sundays. I've already lost like 2 bases because i cant put any turrets up or structures out for defence haha
  3. you will enjoy it especially if playing with the family on a closed server. Just these bugs ruin it sometimes...
  4. Id say this was a one off, but its not... The game constantly has bugs like this which stop Win10 and Xbox users from playing and it makes it hard to enjoy the game. However the game is enjoyable when there isnt these bugs. Hold out give it a try an hopefully you'll enjoy it. Unofficial servers are a good place to start, official can be a grind and full of toxic people!
  5. I went as far as updating all drivers. Windows to the most recent released as well as all Visual Studio updates. I even reinstalled ark making sure i removed everything from the Windows Apps folder after the uninstall as it leaves cache folders there. Same issue on every map. Big RIP to my tames and base...
  6. @Jatheish Anything you can look into or is there any update you can give us on this bug and a potential patch. I use the Win10 Xbox version because my Xbox is broken until i get the series x. So this is mine and many other peoples only way to play the game. Appreciate it. Shane
  7. I am also having the same issue. Both on Official and Unofficial. It doesnt matter what tructure it is or where i have it in my hotbar or if its on my inventory and i do it from there. It crashed as soon as i click it but doesnt kick me from the server. its only client side crash.
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