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  1. Yeah - this is definitely not fixed yet. Got primitive Allo saddle and Mammoth saddle BP out of Red drop with ring. I did notice this on the Discord server. - Fixed primitive supply crates on non Genesis 2 maps But that is for version 929.19. I have not yet seen that version. I am still on 929.7. Not sure why the update is not being offered to me yet
  2. By the way, they fixed the black screen with the last patch! But to answer the question, for us, we use the Admin Password to get admin. On the XBox, press the tripple line button and then LB + RB + X + Y. Then in the box type the admin password and press the "Request Admin" button. This will give you admin until you log out.
  3. I don't think you can. I have been running a Win10 dedicated server and playing on my XBox for 18 months now. With this last Easter event I had Easter in my active events and once the patch came out that turned off the Easter event, we no longer got dinos with the Easter colors. Not sure how you did it, unless you never did a dino wipe and the dinos were left over from the event. If what you really want is fun dino colors, try SetTargetDinoColor.
  4. I wish that were the case, we are on Ragnarok at the moment and "DestroyWildDinos" on a as needed basis. But these lag spikes are not near any large population of dino's.
  5. I run a Win 10 Ark Dedicated server and our settings for babies are for them to grow up in 10 - 20 min based on the dino and the imprint timer is a little over 3 minutes (0.05). This allowed multiple imprints for 100% imprint buff. I did some breeding and imprinting just before the patch and it worked great. After this latest patch the imprint timer jumped to 24 minutes. Almost all of my dino's grow up before then so it is impossible to get any imprint buff. Does anybody know if this was an intended change? If it is the new way this is calculated, I will update my BabyCuddleIntervalMu
  6. I have been playing for 18 months on XBox and have noticed a definite spike in lag since the last patch. I play on my XBox, but the server is a dedicated Win 10 Server. My ping is all over the place too. I normally have 14 - 20 ping, now it will jump to 40-50 and sometimes 150+. And the lag does not seem to coincide with the ping. I see wild dino's rubber banding and it takes up to 2 seconds to open a chest, open dino inventory or hop on a dino when my ping is 14-18.
  7. I have been running a Win10 Ark server for 18 months now. One thing I have noticed when moving your character from map to map, the XP does not move with the character. It seems to be stored in the World file not the character file. So you will have all your engrams and stats, but if you gained a lot of levels/XP on one map it may take a really long time for the next level on the old map. For example: Lets say you are on the Island and are at level 50 (12250 xp) and you move to Scorched Earth and then level up to level 70 (46804 XP). When you move back to the Island you will still be leve
  8. I found a workaround for Win10 Servers!!! Press tab and type "ShowMyAdminManager" and the Admin Manager Screen will appear. It doesn't have the Exit button to shut down the server gracefully, but you can probably run AdminCheat DoExit (from the tab prompt) and shut down server as graceful as possible.
  9. I am seeing the same thing. However it does seem to work. Even tho the server screen is black and the loading music is playing constantly, I can connect with my XBox and play, so can the other players on my server. So, I have been doing a SaveWorld and DoExit (from the XBox) when shutting down the server to back it up. Please fix this bug!
  10. We have seen the same thing on RAG with a private Win 10 server. We have tried both default loot quality (1) and boosted (5) loot quality and there is no difference. All saddles, weapons and blueprints in every loot crate and loot drop comes out the same as can be crafted by learning the engram. No bonuses at all. :( Please fix this bug!
  11. This worked during the day for me, but when I tried it this evening, it was back to 30 minute disconnects. Like clockwork. I just started setting a 29 minute timer and then made sure I was in a safe place to disconnect. I also found that logging out at the 25 min mark does not reset the timer. After I logged back in, 5 minutes later, I disconnected.
  12. I have a Win10 Dedicated server, which I connect to with 4 different XBoxes. With the Fear Evolved 4 event we started having random disconnects. Every 15 - 30 minutes. All random. However, when one of us disconnects it is more likely for others in the group to disconnect. Very frustrating. In 3 - 4 hours of play I will disconnect 6-8 times.
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