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  1. All players get kicked 30 minutes after joining, the players are on xbox and dedicated server is win 10. But it also does the same thing when using an xbox as the server. Even after the new update it's still the same. PLEASE FIX THE GAME
  2. Still being disconnected from dedicated server, my map got reset as well as the explorer notes. Also seem to have lost all my skins that were tied to progression/achievements
  3. Since the update for Fear Evolved we have not been able to stay logged in for more then 30 minutes, the server is running on win 10 and got the new update this morning and no change. It times each player out after 30 minutes EXACTLY, I've timed it multiple times. It's from the time each player joins. This is a private dedicated server and have had no previous issues with disconnects. Players are on Xbox connecting to the Win 10 private server.
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