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  1. Since none of us have received a reply about the “timeout” issue I guess we are left to fill in the blanks. Given the complete silence I’m going to assume there is no plan to fix this issue before the end of the Halloween event. Maybe it will be addressed with the TLC update or maybe not. When this happened with other major updates it was not addressed for a long time. We stopped playing the game for quite a while because of it. Everyone playing on our private server is pretty discussed right now, so..... cya I guess.
  2. I’ve seen a lot of reports of server timeouts from people running a dedicated server on pc and connecting to it with Xbox. This happened after the Fear Evolved 4 update. Specifically, roughly every 30 minutes we will get a Connection to host timeout error and are returned to the main menu on Xbox. The server on pc stays up. I’ve seen general messages saying timeouts issues are being addressed, but none of the updates have corrected this issue. I’ve seen this exact issue before after updates in the past and it took a while for it to be corrected. We’d like to know if this specific issue is on y
  3. I’m having the same issue. Applied the latest update from this morning and still getting the “Host connection timeout” about 30 minutes after connectIng to my dedicated pc server with my xbox. Sometimes it is sooner depending on when I connect, so I think the timing of it is being controlled on the server side not the Xbox.
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