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  1. u playing ark mobile you are the new generation.
  2. SXS14 u must have missed the part where he said he was on an official server there is no using commands to spawn dinos in.
  3. yes your stuff is gone file a support ticket maybe you will get your stuff back but probably not count yourself lucky you got the dino back and your character did not get wiped. support will want pics before they give u anything
  4. download your character right now onto another server you are on the edge of losing it forever, do not go back to that server until it is safe, most people get that message their character is gone forever if you can download to another server do it now.
  5. ok I must be missing something you were told you had to change your tribe name, your solo tribe. So why not just change the name in tribe manager why leave the tribe?
  6. if u played on a xbox crossplay server then u can log into that account on your pc and keep playing
  7. there u go you had eggs out before the update, they said if you going to put eggs out wait till after the update, things could mess up.
  8. you know there is an event going on right now, we are at around 8x standard rates, not food issues, it's an event
  9. yeah it's possible they just mesh real easy
  10. This is exactly what I meant, glad someone else see's it.
  11. so your playing pvp, but have found a way to "cheat" and are now upset that you lost stuff on a pvp server. your playing a game mode where the point is to loser all your stuff.
  12. your right found a whole thread full of people on win10 not being able to play was buried in xbox bug reports section, one of those areas that im guessing is not monitored, but your right shouldn't be here
  13. could be worse you could be on win10 version of the game, still not able to play, from past exp, will take them around 3 days to fix so those on win10 will be able to start friday/saturday.
  14. lol thought is was just me, but seems to be everyone on win10, all i can say is this is standard for wildcard will take them 1-3 days to fix so sometime around the beginning of the weekend, they won't even acknowledge it, it will just start working, no extentions, no replacements will be given for anything lost.
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