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  1. I don't see a point in watching the tv show, I mean if it is an ark tv series, what you going to have a 10min episode of watchable content and then 50 mins of that 10mins just lagging all over the place. I mean that would fit with the current theme
  2. u can do what we did, trap 2 mantis 1 male 1 female, then net gun both and attach a noglin to each of them then enable mating it works and we had the only mantis on the server, then wild card decided to make them tamable with rhino horns though that update doesn't come out for xbox until next week. That is of course if you are on official servers and u can stay in the game long enough and without enough lag for that to work.
  3. lol summer bash, they can't even keep official servers up for more than a few mins, what a joke.
  4. ah sort of sounds like a pvp thing, they usually listen to pvp related things and ignore pve stuff, you should just post part of it what it is about without actually explaining how to do it.
  5. well not sure what to tell you we figured out how to tame mantis on official servers, when your not suppost to be able to get them until transfers open up and wild card almost instantly fixed that by making it so you can tame them with rhino horns now, at least when the new patch shows up next week.
  6. could always make a new account on here and post it. that would get their attention
  7. not sure how to go about that without getting banned yourself, are you positive it is an exploit
  8. sure use better cheat's pretty sure there is a cheat to just kill him
  9. yeah that is going to happen, it's just not displaying the correct amount of people in the server. Eventually someone will come on from wildcard and explain that they didn't realize this DLC was going to be so popular and that they are adding more servers. blah blah blah
  10. did you try searching the store for ark genesis it shows 2 parts should be able to just download whichever part you want.
  11. I might have problems like that just not sure since I can't get into the game
  12. private servers = more or less cheats enabled, singleplayer great why you even here on the forums, forums aren't singleplayer. someone at wildcard should just write a book could title it "Game Development, What Not To Do"
  13. u playing ark mobile you are the new generation.
  14. yes your stuff is gone file a support ticket maybe you will get your stuff back but probably not count yourself lucky you got the dino back and your character did not get wiped. support will want pics before they give u anything
  15. download your character right now onto another server you are on the edge of losing it forever, do not go back to that server until it is safe, most people get that message their character is gone forever if you can download to another server do it now.
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