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  1. Ark is a survival game, you have to adapt to any change in the environment, use or not use flyers, it is not a priority, but it is also understood that many go at a slower pace and cannot adapt.
  2. I don't give him food, but I follow him with the new tameo system, when he has the torpor in the middle, I return and give him the kibles, in some cases he tames quickly because I also lower the food.
  3. gigantopithecus also seems useful to me when you start with nothing on the genesis map and want to steal eggs, I think there are some videos on yt
  4. Enter creative mode, hostlocal, and become an adm, find all the drops and write down the coordinates, try to remember the paths on foot, and carry parachutes, sleeping bags, zip lines or hooks.
  5. and did you wear ascending mounts? with how much armor? that might also help reduce the damage inflicted on your Rex
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4tp_q4wFzw&t=7s&ab_channel=ARKは宇宙だ alpha alone Kill the giganotos with a shotgun or with your dinos mainly, they cause bleeding to your dinos so your dinosaurs die even if your dinos have a lot of life and a mount with a lot of armor.
  7. I did the same as in the anecdotes told, but I think my mistake was to dedicate myself to collecting keys, although they are aggressive, my tell us does not react so fast when they attack, and that is why the keys do not fall as often, I think I'm going to try the kill corrupt dinos for 2 minutes, until I can visualize many keys and then I will get off the dino and collect.
  8. kamishiami

    Tek engrams

    even if they give him the tek replicator, he cannot use it without learning the tek engram
  9. When you are near a dino that is about to die from the anti-mesh system, it appears in the registry that it had self-decay, but if you are not in that area, it does not register it. The same thing happens with the Ferox that you are tamming or have already tamed, they bang on the ground and disappear without giving you any notice in the registry.
  10. Could you tell me the coordinates? or an approximate?
  11. Could you tell me the coordinates? or an approximate?
  12. Can you give me recommendations of places for breeding in pve? (caves or closed places) I have the options of Valguero and Aberration. Thx. I prefer closed places because my server there are many trolls and they got into my previous bases.
  13. I use Transponder Node for the Moeder mission. Or the lunar biome missions because dinos fly away LOL
  14. kamishiami

    Genesis Golem

    They copied my idea, that's what I did 2 months ago literally, copyright xd
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