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  1. Thank you, I'll install more A/C units. Really silly question. Once I have more do I just put it in the middle then the Rex egg will hatch & stay warm and healthy in the process or do I need to do anything to make it hot or cold? Also brilliant, I'll go on a hunt tonight and kill some low levels then check again a bit after that
  2. Hey everyone. Fairly new to Ark, level 101. I play offline, ragnarok. I have several dinos. Rex's in particular. All caught at low levels, and bred suscessfully on fires. I became a tad addicted and we now have a metal structure with A/C. However I want to breed super Rex's for stats and we don't know where to start. For start, we bred one of our own dinos and put in the the breeding room and the ac didn't change a thing for the egg. We needed open fires. So can someone tell about AC, how it works and how to get these eggs to be at the right temp? Then onto my second issue,
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