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  1. Thank you for providing clear and clarifying communication on many subjects that the community has been concerned about. You guys rock, and I wish you a successful release. With regards to the ARK Dev Kit update, please can we have some extremely detailed change notes? Given that there has been a significant number of changes to the game, many mods (mine included) are currently broken. In order to quickly fix, these change notes are invaluable to us modders. In particular, change notes around the new hibernation mechanisms. Here's to the future and the continued growth of the ARK community.
  2. Come on dude, in the spirit of Valentines Day event show some love, you sound so self-serving! You do great builds there is no doubting that, but so do other people! So don't be hating on the community if other people's work is featured over yours. Why not just congratulate the winners and eat a piece of humble pie? Nobody likes a sore loser. It's childish. Congrats to the winners, and great entries in all categories as always from the community. I love seeing what everyone else is working on.
  3. Thanks :-D. If you're interested in seeing the speed build, checkout the video in which I built the Colosseum:
  4. Thanks! Oh wow I didn't expect this, I made the Colosseum for my next YouTube video, I didn't think I would actually be a winner of an award, just thought I would share my work with the community. Congratulations to the other two winners, amazing builds! Does anyone know what the process is for claiming the award?
  5. In celebration of the v254 patch, I decided to build my very own Jousting Arena in the style of a Colosseum. This build took 6 days to complete, and was completed without the aid of spawning in any items or resources (I never want to grind that much stone ever again ). The Colosseum features a royal box for VIP guests to spectate the events. The arena also doubles as a PVP battle arena when jousting events aren't taking place, and the balconies at either end of the arena provide an area for the two battling players to stand while whistling their dinos to attack. Three tiers of seating is provided for anyone who wishes to watch the events. You can watch a speed build of the Colosseum in my ARK: Survival Evolved YouTube series (S02E43): The following mods are used in the build: Structures+ For all of the structural pieces. In particular the triangular ceiling pieces enabled me to create the hexagonal shape Gate Mod For the gate entrance, using the small behemoth gate. Advanced Architecture For a small number of decorative pieces in the royal box. Stargate Atlantis Provides a Stargate at the end of the bridge for players to walk dinos through into the arena. Auto Torch Provides timer torches which automatically turn on at night and require no fuel.
  6. I agree, it seems like all of the latest end-game content is geared towards large tribes. I run a private server that only myself and a friend play on. We consider ourselves to be fairly good and competent players, but some of the things are becoming beyond difficult for us to achieve in a duo. RIP if your a solo player. You mean like this one? http://pastebin.com/cQ3z701W These are the new admin console commands for all of the new content in v254. Source: Jat Twitter
  7. You have to defeat the final bosses to learn the knowledge on how to craft the items. The items also require the new resource "Element" which is only obtainable from the final bosses. So you had better get stock piling those Artifacts. Oh yeah, and they also wiped any previous Artifacts that you have already obtained prior to the v254 patch. RIP. From the Patch Notes:
  8. @Jen , Ced for the Tek-Tier in Primitive+ why not go the fantasy route instead of the Sci-Fi route? Magic instead of bullets, spells instead of rockets if you catch my drift. That way you should be able to balance the end-game stuff while keeping Primitive+ a unique experience that is different from the main game.
  9. Looking forward to the new patch. Hoping the Turkey's aren't as invincible as they were last year. Literally needed a Giga to kill them.
  10. Fear Evolved was such an enjoyable event last year, looking forward to it!
  11. Does Scorched Earth have Redwood Trees. No. Therefore you have your answer.
  12. Why not disable it if it is hurting your eyes? Hit TAB to bring up the command console and enter: r.bloomquality 0 You can also disable light shafts in a similar way: r.lightshafts 0
  13. Hey TheModCookers, I appreciate you're very disappointed, I was too when I found out my mod didn't make the top 10 of the competition and I didn't understand why even though it is the 3rd most popular mod on the Steam Workshop of the last three months (Pimp my Dino is 2nd incidentally). However, there are better ways to communicate your disappointment though, it doesn't reflect well on you to give yourself airs and graces in public, and if you decide to pull your mod from the workshop you're only going to be hurting the fans of your mod, not Studio Wildcard. It is important to remember why you started modding the game in times like these. For me personally I started modding because I love contributing to the wider community. Would it have been nice to have won the competition, sure - but that's not the primary reason of why I started my mod, and I don't believe it was yours either. I do agree though that the judging percentages were skewed and not reflective of what the community voted for. But ultimately with a 60/40 split, it really doesn't count for much as Studio Wildcard are always going to have the majority vote. This should be a lesson learnt going forward for any future competitions, either have 100% vote from Studio Wildcard or 100% vote from community or make it a simple 50/50 split. So chin up mate. Strap on your best Oscar's nominee who didn't win face, accept the result, congratulate the winners, and move on.
  14. I like that idea! Can't tame a wild adult, but steal an egg and raise it as your own! That's awesome.
  15. If you're just starting out during this event then that's pretty tough. But surviving should be possible, if I were you I would spawn somewhere fairly neutral of predators, NE or the S of the map should be suitable. On spawning, I would focus of building a torch, it will help keep you warm, gather some food, fish, berries, dodo are all good sources, and stay near water for drink. Get to campfire as quickly as possible, this should be straight forward by using a pick to harvest flint, and you can pick stones up off the ground rather than expending energy hitting rocks. After which shelter and clothing should be your next priority. Cloth armour is pretty cheap to make, but nothing will keep you warmer than having four walls and a roof over your head. From then ride out the nights and venture out in the day when the weather is warmer. Don't venture in land too soon. I didn't move from the coast until I had a good number of tames and was around level 20-30.
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