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  1. HUZZAH! AMD seems to have fixed this error in their Nov. 13th graphics card update! @Brett1125 @MrJackSkeletron @madoats40
  2. I'm afraid that only keeps the glowing effects from taking over your screen. You'll see in my images, provided in the initial post, I do have light bloom turned off. And from what I can tell (after turning it off), light shafts only gets rid of the black pixel smears. This does not fix the actual visual errors with the corpses.
  3. Oh gosh, I never saw that this had comments until today. I just checked and it looks like I have a 580 as well! I am now currently updating as we speak to the most recent version from... September, it looks like. Oh jeez. let's see how well this works.
  4. Update: The error still persists in a private server with completely different mods. I also discovered that if I have the Bloom effect active, the glow from the corpses (same colors as pictured above) can take over most of my screen and makes it literally impossible to see where I'm flying.
  5. Hello, I was using Creative Mode to explore the map in my solo game of Ragnarok, and saw a very odd graphical glitch as I was approaching the northern beach. When I got closer I realized the source was the beached Basilo corpses, and the only way I can get rid of it is by harvesting until the corpse despawns. I am unsure what's causing this, but since I have not seen any reports about it so far I thought I would do it myself. This is on a solo map, with only two mods in use - Wooden Hanging Bridge and The World Turtle. My computer specs are AMD Ryzen 7 2700 8-Core processor 3.20GHz with 1
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