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  1. New starter packs and items added to the shop! We're all ready for the Fear Evolved 4 event which starts tomorrow (22nd October)
  2. Its great to see our community growing, lots of new ideas and events being planned for the future! If you looking for a stable reliable cluster that wont wipe! with a really helpful and welcoming community, drop into our Discord channel!
  3. Are you looking for a friendly Ark community? If you are Arkenoids could be the cluster for you! We're looking for new players who are after a casual Ark experience where you don't need to log in every few days to save being wiped and would enjoy the opportunity to take part in organised boss runs and events etc. Were a friendly group who enjoy Ark and just want to have fun! If that's you, then your welcome to join us!!!! We have never wiped our maps and this is a rule we intend to keep! Were running the following maps: Ragnarok The Island Genesis E
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