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  1. Ive watched numerous official pvp videos on youtube where the player shoots down structures from a far distance with tek rifle. When I try to shoot sth far away the bullet doesnt explode and no damage is done. Any reason for this? My target was a tp i tried shooting the box where the generator sat. Distance seemed comparable if not closer than the youtubers.
  2. Can electrical generators and fridges be put on a quetzal platform on official settings?
  3. It does insane dps, dunno what u guys are talking about. Get an ascendant one and see how quickly you shred in pvp and pve. Can enrage a giga in seconds.
  4. To clarify the dino ancestors would both be wild tamed and he would not have any mutations. Does this qualify for +5?
  5. When it says that +5 levels are for "wild ancestors" only. Does that mean it has to not be bred at all, or if i have bred two wild tamed together is that still considered "wild"?
  6. Make sure the land is flat though, forgot to mention.
  7. No idea what ur talkin about mate, put 3 metal billboards down in a horse shoe wide enough for a giga to get in with a large bear trap. When he enters and is trapped lay the last billboard behind to create a box. This is all that's required.
  8. How much meat do they take, are they like gigas or a more typical one like snow owl. Wondering if i should bother taming them. I cant raise gigas the demand for meat is too high for my regular troughs.
  9. not a bug its in the patch notes. Hilarious though how useless gen 1 is now.
  10. 500 base damage so it would do 2500, if imprinted then 500% becomes 650% which would be 3250
  11. Wouldn't 40 points be like 270% since gigas only goes down by 80% damage after taming.
  12. If the enemy turrets are on players only and if my understanding is that turrets prioritize explosives also on that setting. Are c4 turtles still able to be used and how so?
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