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  1. Adult, no tribes before, no dlcs i still need to learn, but i know how to pvp and how to grind explosives, tame some things. Psn Bacek12
  2. Hi, adult, active (depends on which days cause of work) PS4 player looking for a tribe. I dont have dlc's (i'll probably buy them), atm i have character on apocalypse lvl92 (just failed swamp cave tried to do it for the first time). I have never ended bossfight i tried to do it only once on unofficial. I know how to farm, i know how to pvp, i know how to tame the most of usefull dinos, but im not the best breeder. Im adult, got job some duties, but i try to play every day at least 1hour. I think there is still a lot of things to learn. If you think i can be useful to play with then just a
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