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  1. Being level 53 means a baryonyx will be a great choice. If you don't have one you can go to rivers or maybe the swamps to find one, but the swamps are dangerous. It's a simple tame using regular kibble. Actually level 53 is way lower than the level I had when going into the same cave on my first playthrough, but a bary served me well and can run through most of the cave. The centipedes are the most annoying as they can destroy your armor but they aren't as big of an issue since you don't really need armor is you are on your mount. You do have to worry about megalosaurs that might spawn rarely,
  2. Hello guys it's me again. Last time I mentioned how the alpha broodmother kicked my butt out of this world. I am happy to announce that i have taken out the alpha megapithecus, and it was very easy, nothing was lost. I'm surprised that the difficulty between the broodmother and the megapithecus is so different. Looking at the stats between my 2 armies I see mostly similar stats, similar health and melee %, of course the rexes would hit harder at the same melee but the megatheriums have the bug buff which balanced it out.(with yuty roar both hit at 1000ish per hit) The rexes came
  3. Today was the worse day in my ark experience, and it was thanks to the caves with envrionmental hazards, the lava and snow cave. I lost my main caving dino Bary the baryonyx(yes i know i have a great sense of humour for naming) and my otter. After that i found another otter, but that one died in the snow cave, also a newly tamed high level yuti. Losing dinos sucks, especially since Bary has been with me since my first cave.
  4. hello, I'm unsure to what you mean by T-rex dinosaurs, are they by any means larger than your parasaur? As for caving, a baryonyx is great as it is slim and can fit in most caves. Since you are just going into the easiest cave, and if you are playing on lv30 max, I would level that parasaur up to lv60 before going in. Since you can beat up carnivores with that parasaur, just go beat more up and level that parasaur. It'll go in just fine, but you would want a thyla or baryonyx for later caves.
  5. Speaking of the ice cave, I got through it yesterday. It's tough even with a rex(I took 4), it's like the east watercave but on land, they dogpile you. I decided to use it to level up my rexes so I took 4 in. (they started at 17k health, brought them up to 20k. 2 of them left the cave on half health). Normally going through each part or compartment of a cave takes 2 mins to clear, normally there's like some bats, spiders and scorpions, arthros are rare. But for this cave, even with a rex at 800% melee it takes 2 mins to take care of the polar bears, another 2 mins for the yetis, and 2 mins for
  6. I did it, I got through the cave!!! Yeah, it was just like you said, taking things one at a time is the way to go. I used my crossbow to lure things out and I was much more manageable. Thank you so much. I want to ask how high you have your loot set up to? I have it set at 500% right now
  7. I have decided that all dunky's deserve to die, I shall go out of my way to eat all the dunky's I can find.
  8. 20-25 rexs + 30ish theris parked outside for breeding: is that alpha Rex for me?
  9. It's absolutely fine, I should thank you for even considering helping, putting that much effort for some random player on the internet is rare, I'm glad I got to talk with you. I can just understand the refill stats as either a cyro'd basil or a force fed one, health is the major concern. After that it's just a matter of if you can get the creatures to come at you little by little, cuz the damage piles up really quickly if you aggro too much at once.
  10. Wow thank you, Also something to note is that i listened to you about the loot quality. I maxed it at 500% on both drops and fishing. I tried it out today, going into the swamp cave, and I realized what you said about being not overpowered is true, it gave me ascendant stuff yes, but it was a cub, a fur, and a sabertooth saddle.... So i guess getting what you really want at a high quality and as a blueprint is still hard.
  11. I was thinking: "yea the I'll try the water cave, why not" I know that the dunke will demolish you if you accidentally bite them, so I made my way in trying to avoid touching them. I moved past an alpha shark and as i try to kill it I bite a dunke that i couldn't see. they surrounded me so I'm stuck between them and quickly dying. I'm going to load an older save of the game to avoid losing my basil. I know this is cheating but I don't want to lose something else after losing those megatheriums, as well as all the black pearls I farmed off shrimps.
  12. I play on SP so idk if this applies to you, but i have argies on top of my base constantly mating. Once a baby is born it starves to death and i can harvest the body from within my base because the baby clips through the ground when growing. But running through the swamp with an argy is a great way too
  13. Ah i really need a metal forging base too, because hauling all the raw metal around reduces the amount i can bring each run. Where do you think I can build one, definitely not on metal mountain(the one between the volcano and the eastern one) as there is a giga there. I'm thinking i can have one on red peak(the mountain in the redwoods), there's lots of metal there and the worse things that can spawn is either a rex or a pack of allos. What do you think?
  14. I'm curious as to how other people build bases on single player. Do you guys build a simple hut because people no one else will see it anyways. Or do you guys put lots of effort into it because no one will come destroy it? For me, I have a metal hut on the tip of the foot paw. This was my first time playing single player so I just went along with the progression, not realizing that I do not need metal bases on single player. I'm thinking about moving base to a more central position, I even built there already, I just can't get myself to put the effort into moving everything. So for
  15. I avoid using admin commands as much as possible, so I'll murder everything in the sea. I can use this to level up my existing basils too.
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