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  1. Exactly! Well, needless to say I am very disappointed. Spent all that money on the expansions and get an absolutely bug infested game in return. Looks like I'm going back to play Monster Hunter World until Wild Card can fix their game.
  2. Looks like the culprit is when "PLAYER DEDICATED ARKS" is selected from the Session Filter list on the bottom left corner of the Session List screen. Once this is done, everything locks up. I hope they get this fixed soon.
  3. When will Wild Card fix all the problems with this game?? And now yet another problem that is unable to be fixed or reset by the user. When "PLAYER DEDICATED ARKS" is selected, the Session List locks up and I am unable to do anything. I just confirmed this happens with a second account. Currently, there is no way to escape or reset the session and I'm literally stuck in the screen. XBOX One X and XBOX Series X exhibit the same exact issue. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE NOW!
  4. After starting Ark, I am stuck on the Session List screen. "Searching for sessions..." is frozen and I am unable to do anything. I have restarted both the game and the XBOX several times and nothing works. HELP!!
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