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  1. We had a great time last night getting lost in the World Below! We've got an Animal Auction coming up! Come join the fun!
  2. We're underway and having fun! Our quest system is being implemented this week with our first Quest Adventure this coming Sunday!! Come join us!!!
  3. [PC] Trials of Toroon RP Community - new server 8/31! Welcome to Trials of Toroon Established community with a New Server starting 8/31/19 8:00 PM EST! Come join us for the fun, RP and questing!! Server Lore No one can quite remember now how exactly how the first people came to be in the land of Zan’Al on the planet Toroon. The Sacred Scroll that held that part of their history was lost long ago and millennia of word of mouth has twisted the truth into a shell of what it was. Even the Eternal Ones, the gods of this realm, stay silent as if their memory too is clouded to remember. The question of how they arrived and why they are there is always on many Zanites’ minds. Though Zanites don’t remember their origins, doesn’t mean they are naive or primitive. They are aware the planet they live on, Toroon, is vast with many regions, land masses and races. Some residents have arrived from other lands on the planet, so they know their land mass is not the only one. The world here is vast and dangerous and the people strong and resourceful. You must be tough and strong willed to thrive here. They vary in race, build, and culture, but all have the same goal: survive. The massive beasts, however, are not the only threat to this world. There were four factions that had formed over the millennia. The three current factions live on Zan’Al and draw up peace and trade contracts, form alliances, wage war and seek glory from the gods and riches for their lands. The fourth faction, however, is never discussed and simply called, “The Faction.” Centuries ago something happened that was so horrific it was wiped from history by the three remaining factions. Very few know what truly happened all those years ago that destroyed a faction and shook a civilization to its core. Other Zanites simply believe the fourth faction never existed and people merely use it as a boogeyman to scare children into behaving. Current Event The world of Toroon just saw a near cataclysmic event. Volcanoes erupted around the world while earthquakes and tornados ravaged the lands untouched by flame. Massive loss of life and major destruction fell across the lands. You are one of the lucky few that lived through this horror… if you want to call it lucky. What will you do with your life? Will you take up your old ways and rebuild? Go to the ends of Toroon to find the answers to why this happened? Will you try to befriend the new race that just emerged from deep within the crust? Will you believe they are devils come to bring doom? Will you simply lay down and give up? In this realm of monsters and boogeymen how will you survive? -------------------------------------------------------- Welcome Everyone! We are a new Role Play server that is based in a fantasy world of Toroon. We run the faction and professions model and have taming affinity classes. It’s our goal to have a balanced system that doesn’t feel too restrictive, but also promotes RP and trade. The admins are an experienced couple with both ark and running a server. We’ve got thousands of hours in the game and have been playing and running our own servers since 2015. We started two years ago running RP servers as we found them to be extremely entertaining, active and a great community of players. Speaking of community, ours is FANTASTIC. We have a great group of like-minded individuals who enjoy playing together, coming up with new ideas for story and RP, and just an all around nice people. (We love you guys!!!) We always welcome those new and experienced to RP and Ark itself. Our members are friendly and willing to help you get started. If you’re thinking of taking that leap into RP there isn’t a better group of people to start with. We strive to make a fun environment where both the admins and the players shape the story and events. We are constantly working on new, fun events that will supplement game play without hindering rp and love working with players on story lines they come up with and events. In the past we’ve had everything from rodeos to a soul sucking being bent on consuming everyone souls for herself. We are also incorporating something new called Quest Night. This will be and adventure quest that combines a D&D style of play with Ark! We are VERY excited about it and look forward to testing this concept birthed in our community with this server. We are just getting started with this story line and world and look forward to what the future holds for our community! We have a website for easy access to information and discord that allows OOC and IC channels to help aid you in your adventures and to get to know everyone. Joining discord is a requirement, so if this is not for you ToT might not be the best fit. Website: http://toroonrp.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/CJQUQGt -------------------------------------------------------- Server Configuration 5X Gather 5X Tame 4X XP Crosshairs On Map Pin On Third Person Allowed Increased Egg Hatch Increased Baby Growth and Cuddle Decreased Mating Timers Increased Corpse Life Proximity Chat On QOL S+ Items In Higher Amount of Structures allowed on Platforms -------------------------------------------------------- Mod Collection https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=893023737 -------------------------------------------------------- For more information on our server and to apply to join please visit our website or discord! Come start your adventure!
  4. Awesome digest!! Thank you for answering my question and awesome questions everyone else!
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