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  1. Be able to save your character in a obelisk, so that if you lose it due to a rollback or other reasons you can get it back! Make it a hard to crack password and you can download it when ever. You could have multiple downloads in different obelisks in case a server is being ddosed or other reasons. The only problems I could think about this is it potentially being abused by people being caged and downloading thier character to escape. Maybe let you use them only once in a period of time to prevent it being abused.
  2. Have a group of 200 kids and have them test each update and make sure there are no bugs. Have a dev or two for this group to quickly fix the coding, so it doesn’t result in thousands of players not being able too play the game. I’m sure that this would stop a LOT OF BUGS (some even gamebreaking) I’m sure there would be hundreds of kids ready to play the game with new content and get early access, while testing... Obviously they don’t have to be kids, but they seem like they would be the quickest to volunteer, and they LOVE finding exploits
  3. Couldn’t be abused if you could only have one out at a time tho? And sure make it a ten didget code if you want
  4. Add a item unlocked at level 50 for a “character save” item. Crafted in the fabricator with crystal electronic polymer metal ingots and oil. It would be a placable item which you could place on a foundation, enabling you too save your character into this object. (You would need to make a 4 digit password for this character so it could not be stolen) If you save it it saves Engrams, stat points, tribe ranking, tekgrams, ascensions, and imprints to dinos. This way when you lose your character in upload you can run over to your base/where ever you put it, put in the password, and get your old ch
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