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  1. It does have a story but we can’t participate in it
  2. I completely agree I’ve posted this to the sub reddit and a lot of us are tweeting it to wildcard if you wanna support it join us
  3. The dossier is a bit out dated. The concept and model is what really interest me. I was think it would get a night time buff and able to regen health upon bites. What do you think?
  4. What are the stats are your Megan?
  5. I couldn’t find the original creator for this but I absolutely love it. The bats in ark are completely useless as tamed but imagine if we could get this. It would be awesome. If you’d like to see this in the game as well spread this around
  6. It never does specify if that’s just in earth or includes the arks I guess that’s just another ark plot hole. Like how the titans were created also isn’t clear.
  7. What are we before ascending then? If homo sapians are extinct we can’t be them
  8. That’s very confusing as to why they said that then. Maybe we aren’t homo dues but a different species of human that was Made via labs. I mean we have a lot a if differences to a normal human
  9. So in the tek cave it says homo sapians are extinct but homo deus are endangered. Does this mean we are homo deus? I mean it’s obvious we are heavily genetically modified.
  10. Exactly there’s like no point to it.
  11. Am I the only one still pissed and hoping they will come back and finish scorched earth? It’s literally the only story ark without a cut scene ending so it feels pointless. It has not place in the story for us or really any reason to play it
  12. What happened to that’s carno tlc? That little bit of bleed damage it was given does not help it be relevant
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