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  1. I understand people are upset about there not being an Evo event, but I think the "Last Week in ARK" thing is a nice idea. It adds something fun to the Community Crunches to look at when there isn't any information about Genesis, events, etc. However, I'm assuming that Last Week in ARK would be added into the Community Crunch, and I feel like it would be better if it was it's own thing. Keep the crunches for when there's an announcement or Evo event, and whenever there isn't some kind of announcement, post the stats for the past week. That way there'd still be something to look forward to
  2. Except it kinda does? Ark always had diverse characters, so it's not like they're "shoehorning" anything in when there's been a lesbian pairing in the game for awhile now. And there's a very high chance we're only gonna see Helena's wife in a few flashbacks, so it's nothing to get so upset over anyway
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