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  1. While i was trying to get seed from dedicated storage game crashed and when i logged in i saw 180k seeds were wiped. Tried to get other storage and i lost them too. What if i was getting metal or element?
  2. Hi to all. In Valguero map after the updates my 2nd mana antimeshed again.Can you please fix these.This is PVE but we are struggling with game errors. There is something wrong with this are of the map.When I use Teleport generally my argens spawn very far away from Teleports.My managarmr is killed again and in log it is written Anti-meshing destroyed my mana Lvl 424 at X:162453.813 Y:174466.250 Z:38683.8711. Again i found my self in the water despite there is no water near that coords. Can you plz fix that because I am really tired of playing with that fear. Thanks .
  3. It isnt the first time we went for boss.The manticore just stuck on the air. How can we kill it.Yesterday i stuck at the boss arena and lost elements on me and my rex in cryo.
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