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  1. @brettapuss If you are still around check out the solution posted above! It seems to have resolved the issue on my pc.
  2. First off to @Relish Nothing you posted was particularly helpful. You posted things I had already cleared as per above. Thanks for trying. To @Mephilis78 & @GrumpyBear I believe it has been fixed! Ran a reinstall of windows - not a full formatting - and have not had issues since. Have tested 3 times today with all sessions over 30 minutes and did not get kicked once. If you are having the same issue try following the directions here: https://www.tomshardware.com/how-to/fix-windows-10-repair-install And remember to back up your files just in case! Thankfully it went well and all my files were intact but you never know when messing with OS. If it kicks me again anytime soon I'll update but hopefully that's the end of that 👍
  3. I uninstalled all of steam and turned off my controller settings in steam. After reinstalling steam and only installing Ark it still kicked me with the same error. And I've been using controller for nearly all my games for years (grew on up console) so it shouldn't be happening now. Haven't done the reset yet. Will likely happen this weekend. And I will post with the results. I pay for a 2 map cluster for my community so it's not this is something I'm easily giving up on. Nor will I forget to check the threads. If all else fails then I will take the PC into the shop and have someone else look it over.
  4. So I realize this is a bit of a necro here but this is one of the only threads I've found to the issue that I have been currently experiencing. I have been having the exact same issue as Brettapuss. It started 2 weeks ago but I didn't start diagnosing or trying to resolve until really this weekend. Right off the bat though I can confirm that this solution posted above does nothing to resolve the issue. I won't bother going into details on how I was diagnosing the issue because that was super involved and very scattered. But ultimately I have come to the conclusion that its really nothing to do with Ark or BattleEye but actually windows, or in my case Nvidia, that is likely causing the issue. And after doing everything...and I mean everything to resolve it. And ultimately failing. I am going to have to wipe the entire PC to fix it. Not great news. Ill post later after the formatting is all said and done to let you know if that fixed it...because if it doesn't than really the only other thing I can think of is a direct hardware issue.
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