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  1. The light is glaring, it's impossible to see much. You can tell your in small room but can't see many other details. Your hands a cuffed, your left sitting at a table in tattered rags. Your mind is racing. How did you get here? Why are you here? There's a knock at the door. Who could it be?
  2. You've been sent back in time to protect the leader of the the free world. You arrive naked and confused. No it's not terminator, it's Ark
  3. Hello I am trying to add genesis gen-x dinos to the center map l, most spawns work but rex raptor and megalodon do not. Instead of spawning in the gen-x version it spawns in a normal version. I am curious if there is a work around for this? Or if there is a patch being worked on? Thanks in advance
  4. The sun glints off the obelisk, blinding the nearby survivors. The noise of carnivores snapping through the trees can be heard from far off. Life is fleeting, angry, terrifying, and suddenly over. Heart pounding, the last survivor attempts to flee across the river only to realize he is no more safe on one side than the other. Bubbles, air, loss, depths, darkness. It is over. Also bump bump
  5. It's raining compys, we've been stuck indoors for days. We can hear them scratching at the doors. I'm not sure we will last much longer before someone opens it... Also bump bump stump bump
  6. Imagine; sitting on the beach, fridge full of med brews, dodo meat taco in hand, sun setting, slight warm breeze carrying the alluring scent of the sea, and your trusty Parasaur napping behind you. *sip* Ah now that's the life. Also bumpity bumper bump.
  7. Ok so after last night's update I get cannot retrieve address, or better yet, just waiting to join. Obviously a solution that's 4 years old isn't working for this one. Anyone have a solution to the chaos that is this most recent update? Half my server players can log in and the other half can't.
  8. I am also having this issue. Anyone know any way to resolve this?
  9. Now with more added fiber to start your day out right! Bump.
  10. Hey now! Hey now! Hear what I say now! Happiness is just around the corner! Also bump.
  11. Today I saw a pego take on a rex, twas a good day. Bump
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