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  1. BOOSTED RAG SERVER PVP RAGNAROK Boosted server (Windows PC dedicated for Xbox) (PVP) (NO ORP) (NORMAL BOOST) (NOT FIBERCRAFT) Add the server account @ OpeationNubz and message it about the server (even if you just say ark) and I’ll add you back so you can see the server in your friends list and join anytime 24/7. Looking to populate, bring the crew and anyone else you know if you could!
  2. PVP ragnarok server moderate boost Join our new boosted ark server on Ragnarok and bring the crew! Follow/Add and message the server account on Xbox (g-tag is - OpeationNubz) and I’ll add you back from the server account so you can join at any time! (Server is not yet showing up on the list when you search it for some reason ?) this is a PVP server with no ORP, insta tame, with moderately boosted pickup rate (About 18 rocks per pickup) infinite weight*
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