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JetJaguar's Feedback

  1. nonamesallowed left Positive feedback for a topic   

    one more time, nice trade, recommended!

    JetJaguar was The Seller

  2. nonamesallowed left Positive feedback for a topic   

    WTS/WTT Chibis! (Various colors)
    Fast and easy trade, recommended!

    JetJaguar was The Seller

  3. Sunnyrayz left Positive feedback for a topic   

    WTB Chibi Rock Golem & Phoenix
    Fast Trade, would trade again

    JetJaguar was The Seller

  4. Almightybrad1985 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    [New Servers] WTS Wyverns
    As usual, a flawless trade

    JetJaguar was Trading

  5. Razta left Positive feedback   

    A pleasure doing buisness with Jet! Looking foward to more trades in the future! +++++

    JetJaguar was The Seller

  6. KdtBigs left Positive feedback   

    good trade, everytime again

    JetJaguar was Trading

  7. Shoosty left Positive feedback   

    Friendly, worked closely to make sure both parties were satisfied. Was not hard to get ahold of or communicate with, and delivered the goods exactly as promised.

    JetJaguar was Trading

  8. Bellasaurus left Positive feedback   

    10 of 10 will trade again

    JetJaguar was Trading

  9. bananapotato left Positive feedback   

    Thx for trade

    JetJaguar was The Seller

  10. Nina left Positive feedback   

    Big trade! Worked hard on breeding together the colors I wanted :) Would recommend!

    JetJaguar was Trading

  11. Rubble left Positive feedback   

    Another Great Trade thanks heaps

    JetJaguar was The Seller

  12. Rubble left Positive feedback   

    Great Trader Great Dinos

    JetJaguar was The Seller

  13. Xis left Positive feedback   

    No complaints, nice trader.

    JetJaguar was Trading

  14. Valys left Positive feedback   

    Great trade, easy to work with. Would trade again.

    JetJaguar was The Seller

  15. Almightybrad1985 left Positive feedback   

    Great dude. Great trades. Made a couple of trades and everything went great. Great Great Great. I suggest trading with him

    JetJaguar was Trading

  16. silverayn left Positive feedback   

    Smooth trade, went very well

    JetJaguar was Trading

  17. Pilate72 left Positive feedback   

    Very nice person to work with! Quick and easy trade. Hope to work with again. Thanks!

    JetJaguar was Trading

  18. tulikurat left Positive feedback   

    all good

    JetJaguar was Trading

  19. Schelmixi left Positive feedback   

    Awesome guy, gave me even one egg more than i wanted :) I hope for more trades!

    JetJaguar was Trading

  20. GeneralPatton left Positive feedback   

    Signed, sealed, delivered! Good Trade.

    JetJaguar was The Seller

  21. Amanda632 left Positive feedback   

    fast smooth transaction will do business with again

    JetJaguar was The Seller

  22. inGLORIOUS13 left Positive feedback   

    Walked me through the process of completing the trade. Quick with his responses and paid a little extra than the asking price. Would definitely do a trade with him again. 10/10

    JetJaguar was The Seller

  23. Malenda left Positive feedback   

    Very kind, and he knows perfectly what he wants

    JetJaguar was Trading

  24. Bambulaaa left Positive feedback   

    everything was alright

    JetJaguar was Trading

  25. Scotty8319 left Positive feedback   

    Got one of his mint rex eggs and hatched out a female. The photos do not do these rexes justice! They look even more amazing in person. Highly recommended trader!

    JetJaguar was Trading

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