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  1. I'm thankful for Ark in general. I've been able to fill my self-isolated time exploring the Arks, mechanics and story. I'm personally having a blast with Thyla. Pre and post-buff. They're fast, powerful, with good movement and are good companion for almost any situation, especially caves.
  2. Yo Survivors! Is it just me or are the Devs on fire right now? They've strung together back-to-back events: EVO, ExtraLife, Turkey Trial and will have Winter Wonderland coming up. They've also pushed patches in effort to resolve some of our major concerns and been communicative about it: toon wipes and server stability and also drizzled in some TLCs. I see the effort and recognize it. I feel like the forums/twitter (or the internet in general) can be a negative sounding board because it's one of our only ways for to reach out and notify WildCard of issues.
  3. 999 extinction ps4 feels like its being ddos'd 24/7, lag spikes, disconnects etc
  4. Looks like there are multiple bugs. My character was deleted without warnings or errors as some of you have mentioned. I transferred as usual, received a timeout / disconnect as usual, went to the transferring server and no survivor was available for download. I wen't back to the server i transferred from and it was the same. Character wiped. Been back and fourth at least 20 times to each, and checked every star on the autofavorites list. For sure gone.
  5. DAAX1

    Dessert Titan

    happened to me last night on desert. no tekgrams.
  6. I agree, from a player perspective it seems like there are some questionable technological choices. I'm not a dev, so I have to stay in my lane in terms of criticism. I'm sure it's much more difficult to fix some of these things than it seems. I can't tell if the game is just too heavy for current hardware/technology (ie it's ahead of its time and the design was over-zealous, which is admirable) or they never got the foundation of the game right and are having a difficult time making changes/updates without a negative affect to something else, in which case it's unlikely they will change
  7. This all seems weird. I've been playing video games since i was a kid on the original NES. I built and gamed on a PC when I was in my teens and have owned every version of playstation. I've have never, in like 25 years of gaming on multiple platforms, had data loss at any level happen on any system unless I did i myself on accident. I don't understand how this is happening - the character file shouldn't be very large or store all that much information - and there are network protocols that can guarantee data transmission. Also, why don't I have a copy of my character file on my PS4?
  8. @maxplanck58 that is messed up... can you at least raid your own safes and cryofridges on decay?
  9. Yup. It happened to me almost 3 weeks ago, and has happened to 3 other players i know since. For context i only know about 10 people on the game from 1 server but all the character losses happened transferring between other servers. Still waiting for my appointment because i can't access any of my stuff. 6-months of grinding...
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