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  1. I thought the bison or the charcha would win, I honestly didn't think the vampire bat would. I'm looking forward to it.
  2. That I can, I have no idea why it's not playing very nice, it's frustrating.
  3. Now that I actually could check, I disabled my 1 extension & that didn't help sqaut, so I guess I can't vote.
  4. No, but as the only extension I have is my virus protection I haven't really thought to disable it. It'll be a little weird if that's what's blocking it.
  5. I didn't want the Charchara, I wanted the fishing pool dino, what I didn't want was the dino that's votes were cheated for to win.
  6. No, if it was added in for another map or just randomly added in I would have had a problem with it, even with my personal feelings on it. They could have taken all of the top 10, and randomly added them into the game at different times and people probably wouldn't be as mad. What they just did was a massive slap in the face.
  7. Replying to you because you @ me, though not all of it's toward you. Honestly I wanted the fishing pole dino (forget it's name) , I didn't want the Carchar but I would have much preferred that over adding in this squirrel. It has weight reduction, so does every other should pet already in the game. It can glide, why not say hello to the already useless Archaeopteryx the first glider pet? It can stun small creatures, that's really gonna be helpful , not like you can't just one shot them /s . Over all what was the point of the vote? Because from where I'm standing it was a wast
  8. I'm pissed it got chosen, It shouldn't have even been allowed to go the the final vote as it's vote numbers were rigged. Now they add it, knowing it would piss peeps of. They pissed a lot of people of and are going to get what's coming to them & they are going to deserve it.
  9. You know of all 10 votes you pick the one creature that you knew for a fact would cause problems. Good job devs, you just shot yourself in the foot and, pissed of your player base. Game devs of the year right here /s .
  10. How is it a PVE dino? It can throw grenades which helps both PVE & PVP, it can climb which helps both PVE & PVP, and it disables tek which helps just PVP . Because of it disabling of tek, it's going to be a lot more useful for PVP then PVE.
  11. Maybe, but I still doubt it & If they do they are going to have a lot of players mad at them because of it. I'm pretty sure quite a few people voted for the monkey because of the suggested ability to use guns, if wildcard gives the Carcharodontosaurus it's suggested abilities there will be backlash from it, and it won't be pleasant.
  12. I'm going to be honest, wildcard isn't going to give it the abilities that is suggested. It will likely end up as another useless tame or if it's lucky a meat run dino, and maybe decent for boss fights.
  13. It would be even better if it could be a mythological creature, such as the gashadokuro (random one I just googled to find) there are tons of others that would be awesome to add.
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