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  1. I've found that rate of fire can be more valuable than the amount of torpor per shot. The tek bow is obviously best for this, but a high damage compound bow with tranq arrows can perform better than a crossbow or longneck due to fire rate. The reload time on both the crossbow and longneck effectively limit the number of shots you can take within the time limit. Since you don't need to worry about killing the mission creatures (as far as I can tell) the compound bow can be a better option even though it deals less torpor per shot.

    The bulbdog mission is the easiest of this mission type, gamma should definitely be possible solo with a comp bow. I'd guess beta would be as well, though both beta and alpha are soloable with a tek bow.

    Maewing poach is largely dependent on the server performance. High ping and poor hit reg on poorly performing servers can make this near impossible. On a decent server gamma and beta should be possible solo. With good timing and the right distance you can get 2-3 shots off on a maewing before it flees which may be enough to net it on gamma and should be a good start on beta (depending on your weapon)

    Paracer roundup is soloable on gamma/beta, the key is to focus on tranqing small groups of 2-3 at the same time, they will aggro on you once you target one so just hover above and try to rotate shots to keep them close to equal torpor.

    I've found you can usually just ignore the predators spawned in as they'll only really attack a few of the targets and dealing with them just wastes time you're already short on.

    Alpha is going to be tricky to solo on any of these just due to time constraints until you can get a tek bow. Even then it will still be tough to get them all down in the available time.

  2. 1 hour ago, Zayisha said:

    Well, you got the answer yourself.
    Hop on a dolphin and be the better pilot.

    You can't win from the ground. the keyword is air superiority.
    If you get wrecked (on the ground) by someone that has air superiority, that just a logical consequence and not "OP".

    Seems to me like if your solution to the Astrodelphis is to have your Astrodelphis then that would pretty much define imbalanced mechanics and completely justify the nerfs. Using the same creature as the only viable method to defend against it isn't really much of a counter.

    I'm not really sure how you come to the conclusion "only the space dolphin beats the space dolphin" = entirely balanced

  3. 2 hours ago, Zayisha said:

    Isn't the answer obvious?

    Ask yourself: how would you beat an A-10?
    Hint: not with a Tank

    No offense, but I really don't think you're aware of everything the astrodelphis was capable of initially. Keep in mind that you could out range any turrets, kill virtually any player in 1-3 shots regardless of armor, and have more speed and mobility than almost any other tame in the game. I'm fairly certain your "A-10" comparison falls apart when you look at how they're actually being used on pvp servers. If that was in fact the only way you were using them, then it could explain why you found them so easy to defend against.

    Again I'd love to get a real answer as to what you found as a valid counter, perhaps it might shed some light on why this didn't seem anywhere near as effective a solution in real pvp situations.

  4. 19 hours ago, Zayisha said:

    Something is OP if there is no defense against it or it can not be countered.

    The Dolphin was extremely easy to counter.

    I've seen multiple people make this claim, and yet never had anyone be able to back it up in any way. On the other hand I know of a lot more players who claim both from offensive and defensive angles that it was incredibly overpowered. I'd love to see a verifiable example of how easily they could be countered in their initial state at launch.

  5. On 6/23/2021 at 3:09 AM, Reiv said:

    Sure, so on official they get reset to the cap on wipe - but regardless, even then you still end up with 124 armor tek saddles (and the same thing would happen to the dolphin saddles pre-nerf)

    Every other tek saddle gets soft capped on official at 124 and is hard capped by the game at about 700 armor regardless of server settings

    Post nerf dolphin saddles are hard capped at 75 armor regardless of server settings

    I'm not sure what you're basing this information on but it doesn't line up with anything I've seen on official. Overcap tek saddles from the initial genesis part 1 launch ended up well below 124, and of the several astrodelphis saddles I've gotten that have over 100 armor pre-nerf they all came out well under 70 armor. I'm not sure where you're getting the idea that capped tek saddles are anywhere near as commonplace as you seem to suggest they are.

  6. 7 hours ago, Reiv said:

    All other tek saddles get armor numbers like that.  There just weren't many sources of quality tek saddles before Gen2.

    You can pull those kind of numbers on every other tek saddle from Gen2 content - they're just found in missions instead of drops.  I got a 200 armor Tek Megalodon saddle for example.

    The armor cap on official is 124, any saddles regular or tek over that limit are unintended and will at some point be reverted to something within the limit of armor cap. I'm not saying they don't exist, just that they aren't supposed to.

  7. 21 minutes ago, Reiv said:

    You forgot the undocumented saddle nerf.  Saddle armor was dramatically reduced (by up to about 80% for extremely high end saddles)

    That was to be expected as well realistically. The saddle is considered a tek saddle like tape/rex/etc and those don't get much armor above engram quality. I pulled a 232 armor saddle from a drop and knew it was going to get adjusted since that's clearly not intended

  8. Honestly, I don't really see how the patches to the Astrodelphis so far really affect its overall value in pve.

    So far the balance changes for them have been:

    • an exploit fix that would have been patched eventually regardless of who said what about it at.
    • a nerf to homing shot that prevents it from damaging riders, which is meaningless in pve where you aren't targeting other players anyway
    • a melee reduction, which seems all around pointless since IDK who is using it's melee and not ranged attacks
    • preventing turrets from firing at homing shot, again meaningless in pve
    • 33% damage reduction on lazers, which is significant but nowhere near enough of a nerf to make them useless
    • grenade speed reduced by 50% but, no impact on damage. The only real change in pve is a slight aim adjustment when firing a grenade
    • lazers no longer damage when encumbered, again a minor change (also related to an exploit fix) and as long as you aren't flying around on an overweight dolphin you won't notice a difference
    • preventing homing shot from targeting players, again not a change that even remotely changes their use in pve
    • lazer range reduction, finally a change that actually impacts pve. yet considering its range prior to this patch this isn't going to really be a deal breaker
    • change to lazers, they no longer ignore armor. again little impact to pve since you aren't generally fighting saddled creatures. might have an impact against certain wild tames such as shadowmanes or rock elementals, but I'm uncertain if this applies to them.

    The major changes for pve since the launch of Gen 2 would be this:

    • Reduced melee.
    • Lazers have reduced range, respect armor and have a 33% damage nerf, can't deal damage when encumbered.
    • Grenades are 50% slower, but damage is unchanged.

    To be clear, you can still easily kill gigas and titanosaurs with an Astrodelphis even after the nerfs. They still work just fine in Gen 2 missions. If you can see anything I've missed I'd love to know how you think these changes have had a more serious impact on pve than I believe they have.


    P.S. Not included in either list was that Grenade structure damage was (and I believe still is?) disabled. However as this has no impact on pve and was stated to be temporary I didn't think is was important to include.

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  9. Just don’t use Tek if you dislike it? I mean I completely understand why some aren’t fans of the sci-fi direction of the game if they started out more interested in the dinos and primitive survival aspect of the game. 

    If you’re one of those people though I really don’t understand why all of that existing in the game is such a massive issue when you can just choose not get into that side of the game. If you prefer the early/mid-game side of things where you’re taming and breeding and running around in whatever gear you’ve managed to scavenge or craft then just… keep doing that.

    Virtually everything in game is possible without progressing to Tek tier. Every boss can be beat with dinos and industrial level gear at most (the new Gen 2 boss remains to be seen but I’m fairly confident that statement will hold up) every Genesis mission can be beat without Tek. Sure Tek makes a lot of things easier but you can always just pick and choose what want to use, no one is forcing you to use all or any of it.

    Even Gen 2 you can choose to just take off the Exo-suit and just go without it. Will it be more difficult? Sure, but if that’s what you prefer then who cares?

  10. 10 hours ago, SleepinFrosty said:

    its not making life harder its making life more meta instead of op- lifes not harder becaues we took away your free farming in pvp its still better than it was for you have a tech suit with infinite flight lol go back to waht you were doing with a pick or anky or tame a stryder-- well people always gonna complain like you are for them not allowing level 1 players be able to skip threw half the leveling system and just say yea ill go farm metal or go raid a stone base or kill an alphas stryed whiles hes gone for 15 mins- its not making life harder sure its harder for you to farm with tech gaunlets on the map theirs a reason why they stopped it on GEN 2 and not other maps the reason i guess is becaues of pvp situations- PVE go tame a tame that gets you metal while The pvp side we want the nerf caues people are TAKING advantage of the tech suit and maxing mele to litterally have a easy life their fore changes the meta in a numerous amount of ways but you have fun with that my man i hope you figure it out--If anything making level 1 players able to raid youre stone base for free makes life HARDER

    Stay committed to that stone base life, that mindset will really get you far in pvp. Nobody is going to stay lvl 1 for long on gen 2, and if they're pumping melee they won't need the tek punch to get into a stone structure. Not to mention that a bit of drop hunting can get you a tek bow which will make short work of any stone base.

    If they are somehow managing to "skip leveling" (which I have no idea why, or even how someone can do that) it won't do them a lot of good since they won't have access to most of their engrams.

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  11. On 6/5/2021 at 8:28 PM, RealNomad said:

    Considering that wildcards goal with this map seems to be to destroy any longevety the game has by handing players everything they need  with minimal work,  this item seems to be designed to make breeding completely obsolete. So, assuming the worst here, it probably traansfers to the offspring.


    Why am i unhappy about this? Because ark 2 is still a ways off, and genesis 2 is going to rapidly destroy the longevity of the game possibly well before ark 2 is ready for Early access if they choose to go that rout (hopefully they will because the wait time for the full release of ark 2 is many years out given wildcards track record with release dates in the past.)  

    I really don't understand this complaint. If you're playing officials then you could already immediately progress to endgame prior to Gen 2 with almost no work, either by joining an existing tribe or if you're playing pve just easily trade for top stat lines.

    If doing that ruins the game for you, then just choose not to play that way. If you want to progress more slowly then just play through at your own pace. Don't like the shortcuts added by gen 2? Just don't use them. Think the Exo suit is OP to start with? Then just take it off and craft regular armor. No one is forcing you to play in the most efficient meta way.

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  12. Gotta love that they left servers running with 100+ population during the week, then immediately lock it down when the weekend hits. I didn't see a single server running below population cap as of yesterday, and while ping was pretty bad at times the server I was on was fairly stable despite peaks of 140+ people online.

    Seems like a lack of foresight to lock down servers when they know they aren't running enough to hold the current playercount

  13. 12 minutes ago, GP said:

    Everyone transfers across with their naked survivor and gets a free tek suit.

    Everyone that starts a new naked survivor at lvl 1 gets a free tek suit.

    The only difference between them is pre-existing levels.

    How is this unfair exactly? It's an even playing field.

    People think that the game should be played a certain way and dislike when it doesn't line up with their preferred play style.

    It's pretty obvious Gen 2 is meant to be a full on endgame map where you transfer in with an established character,  but if they refuse to see it that way then all they can do is complain

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  14. If you aren’t limited to Aberration, you can try farming OSD’s on ext or red loot crates on genesis. Those also have bp’s in the loot table and can be easier to farm consistently since you don’t have to wait on drops respawning or night time on the surface

  15. I don't think most of the people here understand why gacha towers are used, or why people run gacha farms instead of going out to actually farm resources. The difference is that most of you are thinking of farming those resources to progress and play the game.

    The reason Gacha Towers are used is that someone can stick a character in the center of the tower and run a script/macro to passively collect crystals. It's not a player sitting there for hours instead of going out and farming. Yes actively farming is more efficient with time, but that doesn't really matter when you can leave the game running overnight or while afk to passively collect an inventory full of crystals. If you have a spare machine you can even let it run while you're doing an ele vein, running a boss fight, or farming dust in ext city.

    The change to seeds is important because it was the easiest option to keep a tower of gachas fed. All you need to get dedi boxes full of seeds is an Iguanodon, your berry gatherer of choice and 15-30 minutes. Run a few inventories of berries through the Iguanodon and you'll have 10's of thousands of seeds ready to go to keep your tower running. They weigh almost nothing so you can easily move a slotcap at a time, are a decent food option for gachas in general, and don't really have any downsides.

    Sure people can use other food options, like stone, y traps, warmaps, or electrical cables, but each of those are far less efficient than seeds were. Stone is much heavier and takes more work and time to farm and move around. Y Traps are a technically a better food but have a much smaller stack size, also have a spoil timer, and require having a full greenhouse set up to keep growing them. Even then you really can't keep up with a tower full of Gacha eating non-stop. Structures no matter if it's warmaps, cables or anything else all require a lot more time and effort to craft bulk batches. Warmaps have a much smaller stack size, cables are heavier and mean you need to be farming enough metal and paste to keep everything fed.

    No other option is as easy and efficient as seeds were. Other commonly suggested fixes also don't really take into account the reality of how players use towers. Changing the radius you can keep gacha in would only result in larger or redesigned towers, which if anything would probably only serve to exacerbate the issue. Increasing the dino count for gacha doesn't really matter since most towers are set up off of the players main/home server so if they use the entire tame limit on just gacha and owls it doesn't really matter. Too harsh a limit might stop gacha towers but would also make gacha in general useless, some people might be ok with that, but you're still only swapping one issue for another. Making dust lighter would only be a buff to dust, it might make it easier to farm dust on ext but it also makes it easier to move dust around when farming from gacha as well and does absolutely nothing to discourage gacha towers. Making dust non-transferable is such a bad idea that I don't understand how people still think it would help. The only thing that would do is hurt legitimate players, and essentially you might as well entirely remove dust from the game at that point. All that would change with regard to gacha towers is that instead of moving straight dust around that dust would be converted to tek structures and transferred that way.

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  16. 1 hour ago, Alessio89 said:

    the fact is, this will NOT stop ugly giant gacha towers around maps. gacha gameplay is simply broken, from breeding to farming. Anyway, our tribe that uses only 2 couple of gachas without towers of any kind in 2 tribemate different bases, always used things better than seeds and more cheaper to get.

    Realistically, there isn’t much that would stop  gacha towers aside from straight up nerfing them into the ground, and even that is likely to have more gameplay consequences than adding spoil timers on seeds.

    At the very least this doesn’t really affect anything significantly outside of gacha farming, and adds a fair bit of extra effort to keeping towers running. It might not stop them altogether but the extra time needed might cut down a bit on the number of towers people can run.

  17. I don’t know why people hate on Pego’s so much. Just keep a stack of berries in your last slot and let them tame up, I like to keep a small collection of them that I pick up just roaming the map. And they’re so useful! Just make sure you pump all their levels into HP

    I mean you need something to feed to Bloodstalkers when you tame them right?

  18. 11 hours ago, Ganelon said:

    My Ext server is mostly stable, but that cloning setup is VERY common.  Crazy that there is no collision box to prevent this.

    The offline dino market thrives from this stuff. It's their bread and butter.

    Yup, I could go hop through a dozen ext servers right now and I guarantee I could find multiple examples of that kind of cloning set up on each one.

  19. Honestly it's generally best to avoid transferring during events (at least on officials) since server crashes are way more common and frequent. If you absolutely need to transfer, only take gear that you're willing to lose because if the server you join crashes and rolls back you'll lose anything you had on you

  20. Alpha bog is doable with enough people. Just have stims to avoid getting ko’ed by frogs and spare armor. IIRC that one is mostly a damage output issue so you really just need people to beat it.

    the Volcano and Arctic are borderline impossible depending on server performance and how much that effects reloading and hit reg

  21. Have you been up to the surface? Down into the drake trench? Explored the rad zone? Hunted for reaper queens? There's quite a bit of danger there, but if you stick to the green and blue zones it's understandable why you wouldn't find much to do. Aberration doesn't get interesting until you work your way into those areas

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