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  1. Just don’t use Tek if you dislike it? I mean I completely understand why some aren’t fans of the sci-fi direction of the game if they started out more interested in the dinos and primitive survival aspect of the game. If you’re one of those people though I really don’t understand why all of that existing in the game is such a massive issue when you can just choose not get into that side of the game. If you prefer the early/mid-game side of things where you’re taming and breeding and running around in whatever gear you’ve managed to scavenge or craft then just… keep doing that. Virtually everything in game is possible without progressing to Tek tier. Every boss can be beat with dinos and industrial level gear at most (the new Gen 2 boss remains to be seen but I’m fairly confident that statement will hold up) every Genesis mission can be beat without Tek. Sure Tek makes a lot of things easier but you can always just pick and choose what want to use, no one is forcing you to use all or any of it. Even Gen 2 you can choose to just take off the Exo-suit and just go without it. Will it be more difficult? Sure, but if that’s what you prefer then who cares?
  2. If you aren’t limited to Aberration, you can try farming OSD’s on ext or red loot crates on genesis. Those also have bp’s in the loot table and can be easier to farm consistently since you don’t have to wait on drops respawning or night time on the surface
  3. Honestly it's generally best to avoid transferring during events (at least on officials) since server crashes are way more common and frequent. If you absolutely need to transfer, only take gear that you're willing to lose because if the server you join crashes and rolls back you'll lose anything you had on you
  4. Seems anti-mesh is still working as intended. Screwing over legit players, while doing almost nothing to cut down on the exact thing it was meant to solve
  5. Happy to help, to be fair racers tend to only find use towards the endgame side of ark content so it's easy to understand how you could miss it. That and the fact that people intentionally try to keep some of that quiet when it comes to certain builds since it's technically illegal to use some of those types of builds and if people don't know about it exploiters can get away with it longer.
  6. The reason the paracer structure limit is so low is because of how good they are in pvp, people already have builds that basically block most incoming damage as it is. With a higher structure limit you'll be seeing much worse builds. Keep in mind that in pvp you aren't talking about tamed paracers, but bred up lines with 100k+ hp that can soak for days with no risk to the rider who can be safely tucked away in a metal box up top. Giving them the ability to break turrets and metal structures would be one of the worst possible balance changes you could make. You said you wanted them to be "siege brontos" and that's essentially what they are in pvp clusters. That being said the only thing I want from TLC 4 is breedable rock drakes.
  7. Yes, 100%. All you need to do is hunt down a few drops in both areas and you'll quickly see the difference The Chalk Hills zone is the only area with guaranteed scorched drops, moving into the redwoods or north of the lake drops will have different loot tables. The best way to test that I've found is by checking red drops, as these are fairly obvious when using a scorched loot table as they all virtually have the same set of loot in that case
  8. If you're farming for saddles avoid the drops in the chalk hills zone and focus on the northern and redwoods area drops. Drops in the snow area and redwoods have different loot tables and are more likely to have saddles and saddle bps
  9. Did you try joining the server? Seeing day 1 on the server list doesn’t mean anything was wiped
  10. The answer is a bit complicated, as there are a lot of factors involved. To some extent your experience may be in part to the server you spend most of your time on, some servers are more stable than others. Generally paid DLC maps (Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, Genesis) tend to be a bit more stable but, again a certain server could just be in bad shape regardless of the map. Keep in mind that at each server save, which happens about every 15 minutes (this is the same as the timer on transferring or uploading), there will be lag spikes which will can be much longer if there's a lot built up on the server. There is also the winter event going on, and any event will usually take a toll on official servers. Between more people active and especially if there's a lot of breeding/raising going on. The disconnects do happen occasionally, but since the mega boosted rates for the charity event and TLC patch they seem to be much more frequent on pretty much all official servers. There could be a bug causing it, but honestly no players would really know whats going on with it. Finally as you're on pvp, it's worth noting that there are... reasons... why some players or tribes may want to purposely induce lag/crashes. I'll leave it at that
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