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  1. nearby sounds fine, but not on the actual spawn points. players can get stuck in the walls or foundations.
  2. i hadn't thought about it, but i had the fed suit on and on gen 2. so not sure why i was still able to be drowned.
  3. i was being sarcastic on this one. i find it annoying that people build on player spawn locations.
  4. that's true. i guess it does help for the people built on/around spawn points.
  5. Why is drowning bodies still allowed on pve official servers? if someone is offline, they shouldn't be able to be drowned. it's ridiculous. If i must say, players drown offline players to loot their bodies. No, i didn't log off out of base. server crashed while i was taming a stryder. people logged on before i could. someone drowned my body.
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