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  1. Yeah it is just very frustrating. And I was on server for about 6 hours after the appointment that day. Just stayed around the base for about 2 hours. Also, I did send him a message back telling him I created the appointment and the date/time. But yeah, it pretty much doesn't matter since I'm back to max level and almost fully ascended again.
  2. So this is the first time in all my years of playing that I have had to post on these forums. I am only doing so because my service ticket got deleted with no response and I have a feeling it is because it involves a GM not showing up for a scheduled appointment. So let me start from the beginning. Around the beginning of september, I had my character just poof after I transferred from The Island server to Crystal Isles. I did not know about taking a screenshot of the implant so I was kind of screwed from the start. Well I put in a service ticket right away and in about a week, GM NoName answe
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