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  1. Timed Out/Connection issues with PS4 My friends and I rent an unofficial dedicated pc server so that we can have our own maps on Ps4. We have had Ark for less than a year now but have played on most maps. We recently have been on Genisys but EVERY time we try logging into our game it says "Timed Out/Connection Issues" and we can try logging on up to 8 times and continuously get kicked off. Or it will kick us mid game. Why does this continue to happen? For a game that's been out for years you would think these issues wouldn't be issues any more? I'm not a tech savvy guy but this is infu
  2. Jesus same. My friends and I rent our own server on ps4. It's an unofficial PC and we can't even connect to the game 90% of the time. Each time I try connecting to the server it tells us all "Host Connection/Timed Out" and we have to restart the whole app and rejoin sometimes up to 8-10 times before ONE of us can join in. Ridiculous especially since we are paying for a server and each paid whatever amount to purchase the game. I don't understand how a game that's been out for years is still this buggy and bad. Makes for incredibly frustrating game nights for us all. Most of the time when
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