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  1. I thought arat prime was just on the other side of earth. Like i think it was mentioned in a note somewhere.
  2. Well according to the Wiki's spawn maps, Alpha Mosas and Tusos have a higher spawn rate around Eldritch Isle than anywhere else on the map but 5-15 of them sounds ridiculous.
  3. that's interesting cos then that would be another difference between the designs of URE and fed tek since the URE tek has built in O2 that doesn't have an impact the design visually.
  4. I don't think that's possible. idk what would have happened to cause it tho
  5. setting the resourcerespawnmultiplier to 0.01 fixed the issue for me
  6. Yeah that would be cool but there are way too many chibis to have unique effects for each of them and there would definitely end up being some being overpowered while some are just useless. The buffs that you had as examples can kind of be done just with pumping extra levels into the player's stats - which is already what the chibi does. The reduced oxygen consumption can essentially be done by boosting your oxygen so you can last longer underwater, and that also gives you an increased swimming speed.
  7. If you have access to using commands, just use the set time of day thing to skip the time when it despawns and just search the map thoroughly. On singleplayer, I think it only spawns within render range if you have hibernation on and if you're on a server, try get other people to help you find it.
  8. It only spawns on the Island every 3 nights at midnight. There will be a prompt on screen when it spawns.
  9. using commands in ark isn't necessarily cheating and i personally find it useful in keeping the game fun and its one of the reasons why i play singleplayer. i never just spawn in op stuff and dinos and cheat my way through progression but if my character glitches out and i lose my whole inventory for some reason, like somehow glitching through the world border, i would use commands to get my gear back. using commands to extend the night is completely fair to me because playing singleplayer gives me a disadvantage. if i was on a server, i could have tribemates all around the map looking for the
  10. At the bottom of the image, there's the "Untamable" square with lines passing through it diagonally and the "Cave" square that has a black border. On the spawn map, all of the colour is surrounded by that black border, signifying that the X-Rock Elementals only spawn in caves. Parts of the colour have those lines passing through them diagonally, which means that the elementals that spawn in those regions are untamable.
  11. yeah, i found out that it spawns at midnight every third night and despawns around 5:12 in the morning.
  12. i realised that i could just set the time to skip when the dodorex despawns to keep it around. ended up having like 3 on the map at a time because the old ones would stay. i ended up finding one and killing it. it was pretty easy. i was just mounted on my deinonychus and led it into water so it couldn't breathe any fire and the bite attack dealt so little cos i had a pretty good saddle. the bleed effect just shredded it.
  13. This is my first time experiencing Fear Evolved and I really want to fight the dodorex for the loot that it gives but everytime it spawns, I struggle to find it. This is in singleplayer so I'm by myself. Does anyone know any good strategies for finding it?
  14. well then you should find that there is a ton of lore to ark.
  15. yeah that, as well as the bottom right corner of the first poster and the lower part of the A in this new poster all give me ocean kind of vibes, like coral or something in the deep ocean.
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