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  1. Admin PLS kill my chracter. Server 141 SmallTribe Nickname "Chemning" Just kill, no wipe pls I need my lvl! Due to the last 2 days I get in the DEAD Zone under floating islands on Crystal Isles, so for 2 days I can't log in. After a second I got disconnected. That updates that come didn't help for me. I am near volcano, and how I not get killed by a spino or a baryonix I don't know, they spawn there every time. Someone think this is stupid post, but this is ark we all know everything can help.
  2. Crystal Isles BUG. Hi, ark is a best game in history! I got a problem, I swim under floating islands and suddenly the game crashed. Now I can't log back, it says 'lost timout host' You know this thing) Furthermore my best buddy come to help me(in spot where the bug happens), and now he got the same problem! We can't even get on the server. We can't play our FAVOURITE game. PLS fix this, our DINO is in DANGER!
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