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  1. As much as Id honestly love a boost to breeding and maturation I feel like there is a reason behind the long raises for dinos that potentially are the end game raises for tribes in PVP. Ive honestly thought about it..and even though it is beyond the control of anyone i think initially it was supposed to be a challenge for a tribe to have top tier dinos. For PVE well...we honestly have an in game atmosphere that allows us to raise peacefully. Servers would be nuts with tames if it were so easy. I wish they could at least relax the amount of days it takes to raise gigas, mosas, squids etc. But overall I think they need to keep it somewhat balanced for PVP reasons. even though again i know pvp is broken or was with duping exploits etc. I've been playing for a long while and when i first used to play during legacy server days i didn't even attempt big raises as i had work. But with cryopods and so many events that boost maturation rates...i've been pretty content with how the rates have been. Frankly i do still have fun on boosted servers (while playing official) and get to enjoy boosted breeding and maturation rates.
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