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  1. Cluster is doing well, 30+ active on the cluster and plenty of new unique players joining every day.
  2. calm down all those saying it's fine... tweet already went out, they're fixing swarms and yes they are broken.
  3. Server is up and with the recent mini patch, everyone can join.
  4. Relaunched 2/13 | DominionArk a 5 year Cluster | NA | 3x | Vanilla GENESIS Added | DominionArk Cluster | NA | PvPvE | 3x | Vanilla | All Official Maps Welcome the Dominion Ark Cluster Dominion Ark launched 7/26/16 We are doing a fresh cluster wipe in preparation for the Genesis DLC on Thursday 2/13 @ 5PM CST. The cluster has wiped twice in the last 4 years and host a veteran admin team with a great community. Join us on Discord! (https://discord.gg/9WhmXMd) Check out our Website! (https://dominionark.co
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