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  1. Meshing has been a problem for the duration of ark and the population has been fine. def not a mic drop piece.. I get it, you like your meta and would prefer it to stay the same because anything different would require more thought then space space strafe strafe burst. Truth of the matter is, Extinction should have retained more players, much like the other DLCs. The dip is in PvP servers, not PvE. Check Battlemetrics. This not only applies to Official, but unofficial servers as well. This new meta is not keeping players, it's dull and the only time you see excitement is when the Mana's get knocked out of the fight. Here is a great example. You can even hear it in their voice. Watch the transition between Mana to Reaper.
  2. That's kinda the whole point, I never once said Manas are op, there just needs to be other dinos, besides a mana, that can counter it. And yes they could lead to changes in the mana that would be considered a nerf. A PvP Meta should consist of multiple dinos and that meta shouldn't be solely centered around base defense and offense. If I was to balance this myself. Without nerfing Managarmrs, I would adjust two other animals. I would make the Rock Drake, Rock Elemental and Mammoth, immune to the Freeze effect, not the damage by the breath, just the freeze. I would then remove the terrain, or object requirement for the Rock Drake's pounce and reduce it's internal cooldown by 50%. I think this would offer a much better gameplay experience, and some much needed balance and flavor to a stale meta.
  3. A community poll done by ShaneTheShadow on his Youtube channel reached a pretty large subset of the Ark player base. 8400 People. (*current average player count at 33,802) With all the hype about S+ and the Modding Contest, we see little talk of PvP Balance. Just a quick scroll through the comments of this poll highlights even more issues then Managarmrs, Titans. How has this been overlooked for so long, and how long will it continue to push players away from the game before being addressed? Personally, I've had an entire cluster get closed over Titan raiding. Continuously seeing friends leave for other games, not Atlas, because how stale PvP has gotten in the new Mana Meta. What's worse is, server owners are cutting the cord and the Ark player base is half of what it was for Extinction's launch. https://steamcharts.com/app/346110 Now I can't say everyone left because of PvP, but I can say a 100% of those I was playing with, have. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBj51z6msFQiX4pfmDejeZw/community?lb=Ugz55g-wl_oJt9rxEq94AaABCQ At what point will PvP be looked at?
  4. http://www.tmcark.net/ A [PC] canonical PvP cluster hosting The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction. (5X/5G/10T) [TMC] The Island Preserve steam://connect/ [TMC] The Cenozoic Exodus steam://connect/ [TMC] The Lost Ark steam://connect/ [TMC] The Desert Safari steam://connect/ Basic rules... Don't Block Resource Heavy Areas / Dino Spawns / Access to Artifact CavesDon't Spam Structures Everywhere Don't Grief Other Players Don't Be A sausage... For an in depth view of the ruleset and community discord link, visit http://www.tmcark.net
  5. Here to bump because people are nice on this cluster. I spoke with them on their discord, they were very nice and the community was welcoming. While we won't join them, I encourage others to. P.S. If you ever decide to balance S+ similar to what I posted above, send me a tell. Would love to join you.
  6. This cluster looks interesting, but why is there a pve map in there.... Won't everyone just keep anything worth raiding for, on that map? I've been looking for a Vanilla Cluster for a community, but it's been difficult. Do you have your S+ configured to mimic Vanilla, kinda like Revenant Gaming? As well, what are your Maturation and Hatching rates? I would imagine they're 6x considering it's a 2x/4x server and the nature of Breeding and its exponential time sink. Thank you for your time. I wish you the best of luck on your cluster. (Tried to DM you this but you don't accept DMs)
  7. Tossing a bump because I like the idea of this server, but damn that mod list is an immediate turn off.
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