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  1. Hello. Ragnarok has a ton of high level spawns for dinos. The center also has a large Rex spawn area at the Lava Island by Red Obelisk. Spawns in general are super long on single player to refresh because it shuts down when you log off as online the server is always going. I recommend either respawn all dinos through a command key or a PvE official server. People there are super friendly and love to help new players get a hang of it all. Its tough to find a spot to build as everyone puts pillars down to hold areas around they're base but when you find a spot it will all fell way more alive.
  2. Cant wait for crystal isles to open up. The extra multiplier is such a godsend thank you
  3. Starting a boss rex line so that my tribe mate and i finally can go for some bosses soon
  4. Got a mana max stat in a trade, now i have a male and female to start breeding.
  5. Almost got my first giga to juvi stage wont have to grind meat feedings as much.Also just finished a massive metal base this week that took 3 long weeks of grinding non stop lol.
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