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  1. Its not like a server is down, where stuff is preserved as long the server is down, the decay on dino's and on structures just continues every single day. 48 hours and wood will be gone, dino's will be gone, but nobody gonna reimburse those. Ooh wow, my ticket just straight deleted, no reply, no closure, straight deletion
  2. Steam here still says 347.1 on the main screen when you start the game. I think the event broke something on the stadia client.
  3. Basicly, you cant. My char is there to anti-decay a base, but without a server, cant really get in. No idea if its due the summer bash, or whenever they fix this, but this is the reason why i never trust streaming services, you cant force update, cant reinstall, no way to fix it.
  4. My tribe current has a 51/500 dino tame, that is a skiff, 2 stryders and a odd few dino's. But for weeks, our server has the issue either you cant breed, or you cant tame new dino's. Face it, we know who's the problem, the big cube bases with tons and tons and tons of R-Giga's and alike, breeding day and night. Not only a few bases, but in the past weeks they been popping up all over the place.
  5. Then at least add imprint bonus, people without Gen2 get pretty raptored if u miss out a single imprint.
  6. I found another flaw. Because you cant do T-transfer, the button Withdraw stack and the E-radial withdraw only will take stacks untill your weight limit, not overburden yourself. Basicly you just lost half the carry capicity from taking out stuff of a dedi. (unlike vaults and alike, where you can go up to double your max weight).
  7. No idea if our server is more happy now, but missing the hold T on the item in the inventory is kinda a big miss. Normaly when i need like 100-150k fiber for stuff to craft, i open inventory, hold T on the item and let it go for like 4 mins. The only options i see now is either spam E while facing the Dedi (on withdraw mode), or open inventory and spamclick the withdraw stack button. Both seem considerable slower then the used hold-T, and unless i start using a clicky macro wont really work towards the lifespawn of my mouse (100k takes ~300 clicks). Sure, transfer all might be funny, but needing say only 30k chitin from a 180k dedi.. bit overkill, besides it goes straight into slot limitation (and you cant use T to transfer items back into the dedi either - edit, that was a odd one on fiber, since i do manage to transfer CP back into the dedi using T). Anyone found a easy workaround yet?
  8. So not only first we get hours of downtime/rollback due some issue, but then the 2x rate already got turned off again? 2d 20h 30m Not even 3 days, not 'friday till monday', or 'saterday untill monday', its already 4 hours earlier being shut down.
  9. So i noticed, but cant connect to any server, buildnumber is not showing and connection time out on any island server i try.
  10. of PC players That means steam/epic, or xbox/ms players?
  11. I dont mind the hatching/breeding, but at least give us imprint time..
  12. Day 12.. Apart of a minor patch that did squat all, still having crashes pretty much every 1-2 hours with a 15 mins rollback. Yup, great Gen2, great birthday party.
  13. We really went in Ark:Crashfest season? Pretty much every recent server i been on (992 936 748 750 550 568), all have a insane ammount of crashes over the passed few days, vary from every hour to few hours, plus the regular rollback of 10-15 mins. No idea what you 'patched' last night, but 'server stability' you can scratch from that list, aint working.
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