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  1. Hello fellow survivors I've been playing ark for years now and the normal maps (rag, crystal, island, center, etc) have gotten boring, I've played on Jawes and Hope before, but I'm looking to see if there are any good all content dino spawns maps out there that I can explore! (this would include all dlc dinos, as well as magmasaur nests, wyvern nests (Ice too), rockdrake nests, deinon nests and the like! Although I can add a few creatures using custom spawners I would prefer not to have all the cross-map mods (like cross aberration, Cross genesis 1, and cross extinction) just to conserve mod s
  2. Hello fellow survivors! I was curious if it is possible to enable all events on a single player server, so I can get just a whole bunch of themed dinos
  3. Private Mod request! Hello dino riders! If there are any modelers/model animators out there that can help me bring a dream mod to life or I should say back from the dead leg me know! If I have peaked your interest contact me over discord, email or contact me here! Email: dgfcx2234555567@gmail.com Discord: YangXiaoLong#3206
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