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  1. Are u too sensible? FIrst i had Scooba gear on me so no i would not be drowned since i was searching for the server after the maintenace... I fell of the sky with my Scuba thats it. "you are talking with people here who have lost more than you have ever had in this game. No sympathy here." REALLY? Thats so Obvious mate, ive not been playing for damn 5 years... or half of it, or even 1... got to that conclusion already huh?! Is just the bugs that piss everyone off. Learn how to play the game? You mean learn how to go arround bugs you mean? Damn i just dont get some ppl,.. if you h
  2. I love this messages "your stuff wouldn't be lost if it was on the animal" LOVE IT! Mate im not supposed to, simple as that.. If they fix this bug already we shouldnt need to come with plan B C D E F G... All the way into Z and Hexadecimals. I learned a lesson through their bugs.. in fact i think we always learn more lessons through ARK Bugs, Glitches than the game itself.. Now i see someone saying to be 500HP, or use parachute or glinder... Well i was not expecting falling from Lord Jesus Home but yes, thanks for the Advice. BTW someone said that i shouldn't die if i fal
  3. Well game is been out for 5 years "NICE mate you just gave me the reason". For freaking five years they still not fix it? Well wait a bit you told me to go to a shore? Why didnt they announce that on the Maintenance message that players should be in land.. Stuck in their Bases just in case, dont move look or fart "AHAHAHAH" . Its so Hilarious all of this. Well back to getting another Tuso
  4. Yet Im Tired of this Bugs or Glitch or Whatever you wanna Call it. First of all, Hi to Everyone. I just wanna ask if any Wildcard Staff can help me about a Bug i just went through which i lost everything i had on my Character. Well this is what happened, before you took the servers down for maintenance i was on the sea with my Plesi, 1tuso lvl279 on Cryopod and a Bunch of Scuba Kit.. Preparing myself to go and tame more Tusos. Since the message came up saying that the ark servers are gonna for a maintenance"15 minutes", i let my plesio above the Water"kind of" and myself off th
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