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  1. Have them all at lowest setting hhhhhmmm well I even took out most of my other games an apps I did not need I hope they can get it fixed or I will buy more gas then.
  2. Thanks so what can I do to get the game to work then?
  3. I tried to submit a ticket but none were for single player I have tried ever fix but none worked so I am wondering if it is just the game I have a samsung galaxy tab a(10.1")/32 gb. So if i buy a memory card like a 16 gb will this help?
  4. Hello I have a samsung galaxy tab a tbat I was able to play ark survival evolved 2.0 on but it is starting to crash on me. My question is if I buy a memory card like a 16 gb will this help the game run better?
  5. Thank you an sorry it was on singal player I am building the fence on sorry I did not mention that an thanks. Why I asked is it seems like my fence disappears in places an I was just wondering if it had a limit.
  6. Well I finally was able to tame a t rex famale named her Queen Nevi an ssw as able to figure out how to build a fence trying to put the fence all around the island I am on so she can free roam without me loosing her lol. She is a level 252 right now an can not get her up any higher oh well. Also after I log out going on to my game an try my hand at the fence again. An also try zn find a griffon.
  7. Fence around a whole island questions Hello I am trying to build a fence around the whole island I am on. Can this be done or do I need to make the fenced in area smaller?
  8. Could some one please who know tell me if I can play this God mode on my samsung galaxy Tab A? I really want to know before I spend money on it thank you.
  9. Question on ark survival evolved 2.0 Hello ok I have been playing ark survival evolved 2.0 on my samsung galaxy a tab love the game. My question is in the game shop the god console pack if I buy this pack will it work on my tablet? I am thinking of buying a pay pal card an if it is worth it I might use some of it on this pack.
  10. Ok can not play as dino fine but here is another question since I do have a samsung galaxy Tab A an the game does show up on my tablet in playstore if I buy the god pack will this pack run in game or not? This will be the deciding fact if I do install the game again thanks for all the help in advance.
  11. Aaawwww thanks I found ark survival evolved 2.0 on my tablet so thought that the play as dino could be played on there grrrrr. Hhhmmm if no mods work then buying the God mod on the game will be no use sad that we can not play mods on tablets. Guess I will uninstall the game thanks for your help.
  12. Play as dino v2 questions Hello I have several questions to ask bare with me First question how long does it take to down load play as dino from stream an do I go thru the internet or the installed stream on my device? Sec question I am going to buy the god mod an if I do play a dino will I be imortal as a dino an can I make my tamed dinos immortal if I play as a human? Third question how will I find the play as a dino on my device once I install it? I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A.
  13. Hello ok was able to figure out how to tame a dino but every time they go off an get killed how can I stop them from doing this? I do try an make them fallow but they still go off an get themselves killed.
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