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  1. I am able to traverse servers just fine
  2. Tarnhold

    Tek skiff

    I'll take 2 please
  3. Tarnhold


    I pin coded everything so if I have to remake a character I can take all the cryo dinos, blueprints, ...etc
  4. Tarnhold


    PVE LAG I have a working theory on the lag spikes for the PVE servers. I have only recently started going cross servers from Valguero to Extinction. I placed tek transmitters in both bases and have noticed that just before the timers reset to 14 or 15 minutes for item transferring, the lag spikes occur. The Theory is that the lag occurs when the mass of players transfer and bring goods from server to server. I would love collaboration on this.
  5. I know of several places on Valguero in which you can fall into and be "Stuck"
  6. Whether PVP or PVE, Ark is a brutal game. I have been insided in both instances and it sucks either way
  7. Tarnhold


    PVE LAG The lag spikes in PVE Servers. Is it officially the "norm" when playing any PVE server? I am told it is related to all the spam built to keep people from building. I assume this topic has been discussed many times but being new to both Ark PVE and the forums I thought I would fire up this topic
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