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  1. You sir, are in fact a wizard. Why the raptor does that work
  2. Can't upload survivor to different map on singleplayer? New player to the game here, just beat the overseer on the island and I want to transfer my character to ragnarok, so I went to an obelisk on the island and for the life of me I can't figure out how to transfer to another map. I upload my survivor, it then gives me the option to download my survivor again or create a new one or cancel; if I click download, it immediately sends me to the map of the island to chose a spawn point which is obviously not what I want, if i click cancel it then sends me to create a new survivor anyway...
  3. Ok thank you, this makes sense. So the torpor fell because overall the stats were worse than the parents, even tho it probably got a boost from the wasted speed mutation. Quick extra question then, how long on average does it take to start breeding 15-20 mutation Gigas, say if I just started breeding them?
  4. Having problem with mutations Hey all, So I'm new to the game, got it for free with the Epic games deal a few months ago and have been playing nothing but single-player since. Just got into breeding and I've watched a few videos and read a few posts about it on here so I think I relatively know what I'm doing. However, recently I started a breeding project with a couple Gigas, both lvl 359, and I'm very confused by some of the offspring produced... I've got multiple eggs hatch to differently coloured gigas from the parents (implying a mutation) however the only stat which is differ
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