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  1. Right... I saw that too last week and almost replied "thats not your server that is Jennys server"
  2. Wow! At those prices..... I ran a 120 slot server on Amazon Web Services cheaper than these people and i didnt have a single issue other than the price. People on host havoc and such will never pay those amounts. That is more than Twice of Host havocs price for 40 slot servers.
  3. Sadly No there isn't. It has caused a lot of problems for our servers. I have been trying to get an answer as to if Multibox clustering will even be a possibility in the future or not but no one at WC has replied to emails, Tweets, Forum, or reddit posts and messages about this issue. People using hosted servers are out in the cold on this. My host says it is not possible for them to work around it without multibox clustering. They also said they have a lot of people leaving to start their own servers at home. @Jeremy Stieglitz @Jat @Jen
  4. all they would need to do is allow remote desktop access and assign 4 ports for servers
  5. Host Havoc says they have nothing and until a multi machine solution it will not happen. SS will now be getting my business because at least they are trying to find a solution.
  6. Right. Yeah it could be risky but my thought is that its only a game and I can get it all back eventually.
  7. They are sitting there waiting for you to return. Just like if you create new char instead of respawning .
  8. I have not tried uploading new dinos only and not the character then trying to download them with an old character. But I would bet money that would not work. You do not lose anything on your old server when you get back to it from scorch you are still in your tribe and have all your stuff. Think of it as going on vacation... everything is waiting for you when you come back.... just get back before dinos starve and house decays
  9. in my testing last night YES the character vanishes from The Island when you go to SE you download him and all his engrams.... that is all not items or dinos. you play around on SE and go back to The Island you can take your dinos and items with you. When you return to The Island you can Download your char with new engrams, levels, items, dinos and such. You will also be back in the same tribe and have all your buildings and such. It is like you physically leave your house when you go to work but when you come back you have more knowledge and things but you now back home.... Hope that helps a little bit.
  10. ^^ This Our server is running The Center I purchased server hosting yesterday from the same company (Host Havoc) I got my SE server up and going. Now we either have to allow ALL transfers into our original servers or none to be able to enjoy the travel between our two servers. Host Havoc (and any other hosting company I have spoken too today) say that they do not support dual server instances and currently have no plans to do so. We really need a server transfer whitelist so we can allow transfers from servers we trust. The only other option is to host on AWS or Azure and IF the person can get it set up you pay more than twice the price along with bandwidth usage. I tried AWS for ark with a single instance and the cost to run it at a decent speed was $97 a month. Please give us a server whitelist or some other way to cluster servers from different boxes.
  11. Since you have to run 2 servers on one box from the same directory all of us using hosted solutions (probably 90 %) are not able to do this. A server transfer white list would be great for us.
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