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  1. Im on PVE Val 1174 and I spend most of my time on Ext 1074. You can join my tribe on 1174 if you want, message me my gt is TerraMcGee
  2. Thanks I totally have about 50 troughs now LOL
  3. I haven’t noticed that issue? I’m on PVE official so I dunno ??
  4. How many tek troughs does everyone have? And how much breeding do you do? Ive built a massive base, big enough to hold 50+ adult gigas and plan on making it make main giga breeding place. Ive got over 10 tek troughs so far, but Im just wondering: How many do you have? and how much breeding do you do? I plan on raising 50 gigas at a time, so I totally wanna be prepared
  5. I just wanna view the trading forum LOL Maybe its just the general discussion..... but it seems DEAD in here. Nothing Im called to respond to or post about... I just wanna view the trading forum... Wanna buy some gigas LOL
  6. Tek Generator Ive searched for the answer on google and these forums, but I cant find any up to date info, so please tag me if this has been asked recently.... How far does the tek gen reach on each setting? and how much does it consume? the wiki lists 1x, 5x, and 10x... but im not even sure they are accurate. trying to figure out gen placement and how tall i can build lol thank you!
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